【Jabaraifu/Konoe Yuzuko 】On Temptation by Demonic Juniors 2 – A sound-loving demon obsessed with virginity training game with stereophonic sound

[Ranking]24 Hours:#18
Title:On Temptation by Demonic Juniors 2 – A sound-loving demon obsessed with virginity training game with stereophonic sound

Maker:Jabaraifu/Konoe Yuzuko

Release date:2020/01/24
Genre:Senior/Senior\r\n, Angel/Devil\r\n, handjob\r\n, blowjob\r\n, maleacceptance\r\n, earlicking\r\n

“Hey, senpai, please stay a virgin like this forever.

Stay a virgin and more: ……

I want you to be a disgusting physical and mental person. ……

You’ve become the object of an unhuman junior girl’s obsession.

While being trained as a virgin to increase sexual sensitivity.

A three-dimensional sound work in which you are forced to participate in a game to find out the identity of your opponent.

–Works specifications: ———————————————————–

All the sounds of Yamu are recorded by NEUMANN KU100.

Erica’s voice was recorded by 3Dio.

Every loving, obsessive whisper, every licking sound.

I hope that you will be able to enjoy the whispers of healing that gently envelop you to the fullest.

Use of headphones or earphones is recommended.

The wav/mp3 version will be included in the package.

–Character ——————————————————

Yumu CV: Yuzuko Konoe

You" is a junior girl who appears in the acoustic research club where she is alone.

I’m a good, quiet, straightforward junior at …….

A non-human thing that has become obsessed with “you" for one reason or another.

Erika CV: Ryo Ki Ryo

He is the senior and distributor of the “high mountain" that you admire.

She is known as the “Whispering Angel" who delivers healing and prophetic words in a gentle and sweet voice.

(Appears in 04 tracks of delivered audio and bonus tracks)

—Track: ————————————————————

Total time of the film: about 3 hours and 10 minutes

01- From now on, I’ll be alone with my senpai every day. …… is a contract. (05:31)

02-I want you to tell me the sound that makes you feel good. (12:03)

[sound of shaking vial of water/Brahma]

I’d like to do something a little different. (14:52)

[ear wagging, candy licking]

04-If you don’t feel it with me, I won’t forgive you. …… (25:05)

[Angel’s ear kiss delivery voice / junior’s seductive ear kiss / yakimochi forced hand job].

○05-I’ll teach you about women’s bodies: …… But don’t put it in your cunt, just touch it. (21:31)

[touching each other, impatient bareback]

06-Wish a lot that you could have sex. (20:51)

[masturbation/ear licking]

07- With the help of a shape-shifting demon, …… ears are cuntified. (38:26)

[Ears can be turned into sex organs/ear licking/ear pussy finger insertion/ear pussy vibrator insertion/ear pussy dildo insertion]

○08- I’ll lick you a lot, please make your cock more sensitive …… (19:00)


09-A contract requires communion, so I will fuck you with my alter ego penis. (27:23)

[reverse baptismal forehead licking / reverse anal sex with altered penis]

10-My cute witch and I are …… together all the time. (05:33)

[Sukisuki kisses, bare thighs]

—Bonus Track: ——————————————————-

○ Common privilege track – [Erika’s delivery] Whispering angel’s onomatopoeia and kiss (21:32)

[onomatopoeia whispers/kisses eyelids and ears]

(This will be the full version of the delivery audio played at the beginning of track 04)

DLsite Edition Special Track – Whispering Angel’s Delusional Ear Licking (04:51)

DLsite version bonus track – devilish junior’s doting ear licking (04:09)

—Staff ——————————————————-


Yamu: Yuzuko Konoe

Erica: Ryo-ki Ryo-sama

Illustration: Mr. YU-TA

Recording: Neko no Te Studio

Some sound effects:

Dear Pocket Sound


Production: Jabaraifu


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