【Raimu/Masakifun 】Ear Licking! Secret” secret secret ear licking binaural audio ear scratching high resolution CV: Masakifan

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Title:Ear Licking! Secret" secret secret ear licking binaural audio ear scratching high resolution CV: Masakifan


Release date:2019/01/19
Genre:ASMR\r\n, littlegirl\r\n, Classmate/Colleague\r\n, earpick\r\n, Love/Love/Amaa\r\n, handjob\r\n

A fetish relationship begins with a certain girl… a secret ear licking time just for the two of them…

The ear licking scene will make you hot and bothered.

She is a fetishist and has a high sex drive, so she can’t help but pull out her moist ear licking…

Complete binaural audio output of moist tongue movements! Over 50 minutes of ear licking scenes!

You’ll be captivated by the lustful voice of CV Masakifan! Ear scratching is also available!

Please take a listen to the sample if you like!

Recommended points!

The sweet and seductive voice of CV Masakifan will make you addicted!

It’s a mellow, fetching, and long-lasting audio work that will make you feel like an ear licker!

Enjoy the private space between you and her as she thrills you with her flirtatious atmosphere and stern verbal abuse!

The full binaural sound invites you to a universe of pleasure!

The whisper voice will shake your eardrums and send excitement down your spine!

The squeaky voice will keep on torturing your ears without interruption!

You can feel the fine movements of your tongue to the fullest!

If you’re a fan of sneaky sex, this is the one for you!

Deep kissing, hand jobs, and manhandling! And nipple licking!

She slowly licks her ear like a blowjob!

There’s also lovey-dovey ear candy!

If you want to be accosted by CV Masakifun’s voice and ear licking, this is the place to be!

It’s an audio work full of ear licking! If you are interested, please listen to the sample!


This is a school story. A young man is invited to lick the ears of a girl (Airi) he hadn’t really cared for. The young man is not interested in Airi at first, but when she asks him to lick her ear

As she does this, she becomes aware of Auri’s fetishistic eroticism. At school, Auri licks up her ears in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Auri doesn’t want to go out with the young man, so she says some lines that intrigue him. The idea is that it feels good for both of them, so it’s okay.

Airi is just greedy for sex. When it comes to the two of them, they seem to take a step back and Airi is a bit more mature.

The young man did not refuse because Airi’s ear licking felt too good. An hour earlier, in an unused room of the old school building, he received his morning ear lick.

After a quick lunch, they go to the same room to receive ear scratching and ear licking. After school, he would go to classrooms and other places to get his ear licked for the thrill of it.




She has a special constitution that causes her to become sexually aroused when she sees a boy’s ears, and there are many boys in her class who are targeted by her…

I like to draw pictures, post them on pixi0 and other sites, and enjoy creating. I’m not a negative person.

She is a person that her friends rely on. However, she does not stand out in the class. She has a calm and relaxed personality.

She has a strange presence in the class and is greedy when it comes to sex.

Scene contents

[■Scene 1] 19:54 ——————————-

Track01 05:43 A morning rendezvous for two

Track02 14:11 Troglodyte ear licking

I’m going to have a sexy rendezvous in the morning…

A morning ear lick that soaks your ears… relaxes you…

[■Scene 2] 41:41 ——————————-

Track03 12:23 Flirting ear buds

Track04 29:17 Escalating erotic ear licking…

Lunchtime is a lovey-dovey earworm…

And then… after the ear scratching, the thick, moist ear licking…

[■Scene 3] 34:28 ——————————-

Track05 04:37 Meeting in secret…

Track06 15:50 Ear licking, tit caressing…, deep kissing, nipple licking

Track07 03:05 Caressing through pants….

Track08 10:55 Hand job, manhandling, nipple licking…

The afternoon is open… touch time…

Unbridled desire for each other will be released…

Manhandling, handjobs, ear licking… caressing…

It’s a scene packed with fetishism and a lot of fun…

Recommended for those who like to secretly have sex!

Total playing time: 1 hour, 36 minutes, 4 seconds

File format

MP3 format 118-144kbp

WAV format 96kHz/24bit

WMA format 48kHz/16bit

Binaural high-resolution sound quality

Cover illustration included

×2 sheets, size large

Planning: Orihal

CV: Masaki Fuan

Scenario: Sahiro Nishiya

Illustration: Orihal


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