【A Polar Bear’s Wife/Haruka Tenchi 】Seiki☆Inspection Ward

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#1, Annual:#8, Total:#78
Title:Seiki☆Inspection Ward

Maker:A Polar Bear’s Wife/Haruka Tenchi

Release date:2017/04/29
Genre:healing\r\n, whiterobe\r\n, earpick\r\n, handjob\r\n, MultiplePlay/Orgy\r\n, earlicking\r\n

You have had a medical checkup at a certain hospital.

Then the doctor said with a serious look on his face that it was time for a full examination. ……!

You are going to undergo a secret test to stop the birthrate from declining.

☆ 【Points of Attention】.

Create voices and sound effects with the Neumann KU100! More realistic breath hitting the ear and ear licking♪

The sound quality is also more powerful in the ear scratching scene!

Normal route

01_Explanation of the test and measurement (Hinami) 22:09

The gentle older sister is making me nervous and measuring my cock.

(ear licking/hand job)

Left and right reversed versions are included.

02_Ecchi and semen test! (Riho&Hinami) 18:31

I’m going to be examined while being pelted by two girls.

(left and right ear licking / blowjob / neck flicking / real sex with Riho -> Nakadashi)

Left and right reversed versions are included.

03_In casual life(Riho) 28:52

Healing time between inspections. Ear buds for wet ears.

(ear massage/cotton swab @ wet ears/earwax water/cotton swab @ normal/brahma)

04_Discharge(Riho) 03:44

05. What happens after the examination? (Hinami) 32:30

Healing time after the examination. Ear buds for dry types.

(ear massage / ear scraping / ear wax water / cotton swab / Brahma / latex)

Route for M

01_Explanation of the test and measurement (Hinami) 22:31

You’re supposed to be being gently measured by your sister, but you end up ejaculating!

There is a 20-minute overlap with the normal route 01.

(ear licking/hand job)

Left and right reversed versions are included.

02_Sperm test by machine(Ritsu&Riho) 21:25

You couldn’t hold back your ejaculation during the measurement, so we had to squeeze enough semen out of you for the test.

The test will be done with a pressing machine.

(mechanical attack / licking both ears)

Left and right reversed versions are included.

03_Special Training Ward(Ritsu) 18:24

Your special training is in ejaculation management after failing the semen test at Seiki.

You can use a masturbator to …… Ritsu’s vagina to ……. You will be thoroughly taken care of.

(Restraint play / masturbation / ejaculation control)

Left and right reversed versions are included.

04_The Angel in White…? (Riho) 10:35

You have been left in the care of Ritsu. You are spending a horny and sleepless night at …….

(hand job/ear licking)

Left and right reversed versions are included.

05. Punishment for Violating Orders(Ritsu) 1:39

What will be your fate if you give in to temptation and ejaculate?

Total playing time: about 2 hours and 35 minutes (plus about 40 minutes of audio to be updated)

Newly-recorded “Peropero Koreokushin" will be added by the end of May.


southwesterly winter wind

Ritsu & Riho


About high-resolution sound sources

It may not be possible to play on playback devices that do not have a high-resolution playback environment.

Be sure to use a playback device that supports high-resolution environment.

[Correction Information

2017/05/04 Replaced “04_Discharge" in 01_normal mode.


Recording cooperation: Studio Himitsu Base

Editorial cooperation: MeltyBeans 《@meltybeans》.


Character Introduction

  • せいえき☆検査病棟 [シロクマの嫁]

    Name: Hinami

    A laid-back and gentle older sister who works in the Seiketsu Laboratory ward.

    I’m the type of person who acts before I think.

    (CV: Haruka Tenchi)

  • せいえき☆検査病棟 [シロクマの嫁]

    Name: Riho

    A newcomer to the Seiketsu Inspection Ward.

    Ritsu’s twin sister. She is a timid type, but possessive ……?

    (CV: Ayaka Igasaki)

  • せいえき☆検査病棟 [シロクマの嫁]

    Name: Ritsu

    A veteran of the Seiki Inspection Ward.

    Riho’s twin sister. She loves to bully men.

    (CV: Ayaka Igasaki)


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