【Kariya】After School Ejaculation Control Club

[Ranking]24 Hours:#2, 7 Days:#8, 30 Days:#31
Title:After School Ejaculation Control Club
Release date:2015/10/02
Genre:Kimono, uniform, handjob, Restraint, scorching, maleacceptance

A CG collection of three girls who manage ejaculation as if they were part-timers in a secret club.
Each girl has her own story, and the corresponding folder contains images from each scene.
The images are 1400x980px and are in jpg format.

The main story describes the blame without ejaculation and the day of ejaculation that is allowed depending on the girl’s mood. No reversals.
The girl remains mostly clothed, with her shoes on. The guy being blamed is completely naked.
The man’s expression is not drawn in detail.
It also comes with a picture of the main story with the words and onomatopoeia removed.

The number of images used for each character and play.
Please refer to the sample character list while looking at it.

1Tomoko, about 14 basic pictures, 61 pages of the main story
impatience, nipple licking, bubble job, face sitting, shoe job, enemagra, milking hand job

2Minori, about 12 basic pictures, 81 pages of the book
Cunnilingus service Reverse anal + impatience, milking

3Sai, about 9 basic pictures, 36 pages of the story
Forced masturbation, saliva, vibrator, shoe stomping, shooting.


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