【Project ELC】[Earwig – both ears] Loved by you and you [double cast].

[Ranking]24 Hours:#12, 7 Days:#22, 30 Days:#81
Title:[Earwig – both ears] Loved by you and you [double cast].
Maker:Project ELC
Release date:2015/10/02
Genre:Moe, healing, HypnoticVoice, earcandling, Love/Love/Amaa, heartwarming

[title] Loved by You and Yours
[CV]Yui Asami – Aizuki Nakuuru


-Main story 46min 43sec
-Extras (voice only Yui Asami) 7min 53sec
-Extras (voice only: Nakuru Aizuki)7min 29sec
The total voice time is 15 minutes and 22 seconds.


This is an earworm work with a double cast of Yui Asami and Naruru Aizuki.
Both ears are ear buds. The voice of Nakuuru Aizuki plays in the right ear. It’s a great way to get a feel for what’s going on in the world.

It’s a story about two girlfriends getting their ears scratched, and the dialogue and atmosphere is soft and heartwarming.


-Ear scratching sound only -> ear scratching sound + voice -> ear scratching sound only repeated
Basically, the ear scratching sound plays endlessly, with occasional conversations between the two.
There are some places, such as the opening, where there is no ear scratching sound, and the sound effects are minimal.

[ear-splitting sound]

Overall, the sound is very hard and raspy. I recommend lowering the volume when using it for sleep.


Title:Loved by You and Yours

制作:Project E.L.C https://twitter.com/projectelc19

CV:浅見ゆい http://butterfly.holy.jp/
CV:藍月なくる http://nakuru31.ame-zaiku.com/

[material used]

Ear scratching sound effect


Environmental Sounds

【ちょい音】 http://www.heavenlyblue.info/se_free/
【効果音ラボ】 http://soundeffect-lab.info/
【フリー効果音 On-Jin ~音人~】 http://on-jin.com/


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