【Youth x Fetishism 】Super Whispering! ~On the Commuter Bus with Sweet Sister JK Kotoko Shinomiya~ [Binaural Recording].

[Ranking]24 Hours:#2, 7 Days:#6, 30 Days:#38
Title:Super Whispering! ~On the Commuter Bus with Sweet Sister JK Kotoko Shinomiya~ [Binaural Recording].

Maker:Youth x Fetishism

Release date:2021/03/21
Genre:healing\r\n, tits\r\n, Binaural/Damihe\r\n, ASMR\r\n, Love/Love/Amaa\r\n, earlicking\r\n, whispering\r\n

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超囁き!~甘姉JK四宮琴子と通勤バスで~【バイノーラル録音】 [青春×フェティシズム]

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超囁き!~甘姉JK四宮琴子と通勤バスで~【バイノーラル録音】 [青春×フェティシズム]

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Kotoko Shinomiya … CV: Aino Mimori

超囁き!~甘姉JK四宮琴子と通勤バスで~【バイノーラル録音】 [青春×フェティシズム]

158cm 50kg B95/W59/H88 H cup (H65)

A JK I met while commuting on the bus

Even though she was younger than me, she was as patient as an older sister.

She is a pampering beauty with a cute and sexy body.

Ever since I saw you in exhaustion.

A maternal instinctual ghost who is obsessed with healing and pampering in some way. A virgin.

“Super whisperer! A point of particular interest!

超囁き!~甘姉JK四宮琴子と通勤バスで~【バイノーラル録音】 [青春×フェティシズム]

This time, of course, it’s still going strong!

A “super whispering" situation where you whisper to the limit so that no one around you knows you’re whispering!

Aino Mimori, who plays the role of Kotoko Shinomiya, a sweet sister JK, gives it her all.

“A muffled whisper, hushed to the utmost.

“Realistic, muffled pee-pee voice so people don’t notice.

“Super close breaths that reach deep into your ears.

Realism on the edge of not being noticed! Eroticism! The feeling of closeness!

You will be able to enjoy the secret close contact time with the heroine.

And this time, in response to an enthusiastic request from a listener.

We have also prepared a “cut version of the interior sound only"!

You may want to concentrate on the lovey-dovey sound effects.

I’ll watch it on the real bus, so it’s not necessary! If you’re one of the lucky ones

I think you will be satisfied with this!

The content of the echos

超囁き!~甘姉JK四宮琴子と通勤バスで~【バイノーラル録音】 [青春×フェティシズム]

Track List / Finish Time

track00_title_call [00:09]

track01_Sweet Sis JK and Close First Contact [14:28].

track02_Crowded Buses, Healing and Sickening [50:50].

→Finish [45:6].

track03_Spoiled Pies in the Backseat [38:08].

→Finish 1st [23:32] 2nd [31:33] 3rd [35:22].

track04_Pampered JK and a full house [38:06].

→Finish 1st [24:18] 2nd [34:37].

track05_Kotoko’s post-apocalyptic story [05:12].

Extrack_Uzakawaii JK: Secret Swimming Training with Miu Miu [10:21].

→Finish [07:00].

Total recording time

The finish time is an approximate specification. Please allow for errors.

Purchase Benefits & Credits

超囁き!~甘姉JK四宮琴子と通勤バスで~【バイノーラル録音】 [青春×フェティシズム]

Various benefits included!

Jacket illustration

Wallpaper for Smartphones

Audio video with subtitles (with finish countdown)

In addition to the usual three major benefits, this time we have a surprise!

It’s a continuation of my previous work “Super Whispering! ~It’s a continuation of the previous work “Super Whispering! ~Uzarakawaii JK Miu Miu on the bus to school~".

It comes with an after-ex track…

We’ll see you again, won’t we, Three Feathers?


File format

This work was recorded in binaural format.

Earphones and headphones are recommended for best results.

MP3 — 48khz 320kbps
WAV — 48khz 24bit
SECUT — This is a whispered version with the sound effects cut.

BUSCUT — This is a version with only the sound effects in the car cut out.

○ Credit

Scenario: Asuki Kyuubu

Illustration: Mr. Roka

Voice actor: Aino Mimori

Production: Youth x Fetishism

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