【Hobby Kobo Carrot Winning】[copyright free] RPG Sound Element mini

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Title:[copyright free] RPG Sound Element mini
Maker:Hobby Kobo Carrot Winning
Release date:2017/12/08

RPG-GAME Music Collection mini

A collection of RPG music materials that add color to the story. This is the mini version of the series.
A collection of music for RPGs.

This is a collection of music for RPGs by ARA [Hobby Kobo Carrot Win], which is known for its RPG music.

RPG Tucool – Udita specification
All songs are looped ogg files.

MP3 file
MP3 files are useful for test listening and BGM for work.

Copyright free
No waiver of music rights, but may be used as background music in any game, unreported and uncredited.
Of course, doujin – consumer – adult use is OK.
No need to be a pain in the ass.

Track List

1. battle01
A battle song designed for quarter view.

2. battle02
A battle song designed for quarter view.

3. battle03
A battle song designed for quarter view.プログレ。

4. church
Calm songs for church.

5. dark
A song that sounds like the murmur of a demon king.

6. front
March of the Adventurers.

7. home
Song of the first village.

8. lastdungeon
The last dungeon kind of song.

9. village
Rural village song.

10. win
Victory song. put it in your ME folder and use it.


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Music Materials

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