【+ ucca ∫ ucca +】Coup boy and bath

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Title:Coup boy and bath
Maker:+ ucca ∫ ucca +
Release date:2015/09/30
Genre:Moe, healing, boy, Shota

The second work of Wannaruse’s personal circle [+ ucca ∫ ucca +]!
A personal hobby explosion, let’s take a bath with a coup d’etre boy!
Binaural recording using a dummy head. Of course, the sound effects are also stereophonic, and live!
In addition to this, the entire performance is ad-libbed without a script.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


01Coudere Boy and the Bath (06:17)

02 Let’s Get Shampooed(12:48)

03 Let’s have him wash our bodies(7:00)

04Towel Drying(02:28)

05Dry your hair with a hair dryer(04:33)

06Brush your hair properly(6:39)

07Coudere Boy and Bath(No echo ver)(6:17)

08Let’s Get Shampooed(Anechoic version)(12:48)

09Let’s Have Your Body Washed(Non-echoic ver)(07:00)

10 extra ~wash and color with foam~(15:04)

11 Extra~Rinsing at the sink~(09:15)




Circle:+ ucca ∫ ucca +
( http://ruse3.kinugoshi.net/ )

CV-editing-script-illustration: Wannaru Ruse


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