【Hobby Kobo Carrot Winning】Asgard Aube + Dungeons

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Title:Asgard Aube + Dungeons
Maker:Hobby Kobo Carrot Winning
Release date:2017/12/08

★ Greetings
Thank you for your patronage of our music collection series.

The concept of this work is of an epic adventure.
This is a collection of BGMs of adventurers in the prairies, wilderness, chasing dragons and chasing dreams.

Note: In addition to Asgard Aube Fullset, [Ruins:Dungeons] is included.
23 tracks in all. This lineup is equivalent to an entire epic RPG.

A collection of BGMs with outstanding affinity to games (RPGs, etc.).
This is a collection of BGMs by ARA, the person in charge of the music of [Nefeshiel] and [Istoire], both of which are famous as masterpieces as RPG Tuscourt works.
This is a collection of music by ARA, who knows all about RPG music.

Features of this music
1The atmosphere of RPGs that everyone knows, such as Doraemon, F*.
2It uses a magnificent orchestra.
3I feel like I’m traveling around the world. It is like Doraemon 3.
4It’s a world with dragons.

Optimized music files for RPG Tutool.
Includes looped ogg files, m4a files for mac, and mp3 files for listening. ogg files can be loaded and used in RPG Tutool by simply moving them to the bgm folder in the Audio folder.

Optimized for Unity ←NEW
In the 20200519 update, we have confirmed that the loop playback works on Unity.

Commercial use, adult content OK, no need for credit notation.
There are no restrictions on using it in games.
There are no restrictions on use in games.
Audio dramas, videos, and distributions for doujin works are also allowed.

Use of background music for corporate and visual content – vtubers, audio dramas, live performances, etc.
If you wish to broadcast, you will need to purchase the music separately.
For more information, please send an email to carrotwine@gmailcom

We support individual game creators, audio drama production, video production, etc.
We support not only companies but also individual content creators.
Have a good production life!


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