【Summer of Coconuts! /Narumi Aisaka 】Binaural] Eat, Laugh, Be Loved, and Have a Lovely New Married Life with Childhood Wife Chii-chan

[Ranking]24 Hours:#3, 7 Days:#14, 30 Days:#60
Title:Binaural] Eat, Laugh, Be Loved, and Have a Lovely New Married Life with Childhood Wife Chii-chan

Maker:Summer of Coconuts! /Narumi Aisaka

Release date:2017/12/08
Genre:healing\r\n, Binaural/Damihe\r\n, earpick\r\n, earlicking\r\n

Eat, Laugh, and Be Loved: The Lovely New Married Life of a Young Wife, Chii-chan

The total recording time is an impressive six and a half hours!



When you come home, you are greeted by your new wife, Chii-chan.

Chie-chan will spoil your tiredness today.

“You’ve worked hard today.

“You’re my proud husband.

“Hmmm, waddle, waddle, waddle, waddle, waddle. ……

I want you to spend your days being healed by the bubbles of a cute young wife.

…… Of course, it’s a hot night for newlyweds ♪

★+☆+★【Appeal Point】★+☆+★★

Super realistic ear licking

I tried my best to give you the real sensation of tongue movement and saliva, along with breath that you can almost feel the heat of your breath!

It’s as if the tongue is actually moving around in the ear, from the earlobe, to the top of the ear, to the back of the ear, to the inside of the hole.

I’ve covered a lot of ground, so please have a listen!

The sound effects are “all" handmade!

The voice actor himself recorded all the sound effects with a binaural microphone.

When I pet him, I actually put a wig over his head and patted Mike’s entire head.

The heartbeats are those of the voice actors themselves, and the shampoo sounds as well as the foam handjobs were recorded with actual foam.

Introduce the soothing sound of a music box!

In order to enhance the soothing effect, background music has been inserted for the good night and good morning tracks respectively.

We have composers actually listen to the sound source and create custom-made music based on their image.

A version without the song is also included, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs!

★+☆+★【Track Introduction】★+☆+★

Track1 Welcome back to my favorite you!

Track2 Let’s shampoo in the bath.

Track3 Nipple attack by Mr. Awwww…

Track4Lactation handjob with mom’s tits

Track5 After taking a bath

Track6 Clean sheets and your body…

Track7 Good night

Track8 Wakes you up in 15 minutes! Early morning ear licking alarm 15:00

Track9 Relaxation Alarm

Track10 A Holiday Afternoon

Track11 Left Mimi’s Earwax

Track12 Right Mimi’s Earwax

Track13 Good night, I’m in an erotic mood

Track14 How to cope with sleepless nights

Track15 Danger Japan! Making babies!

Track16 Extra 1 Welcome!

Track17 Extra 2 Welcome back!

Track18 Free Talk

Track19 Special Supplement “Let’s Bake Cookies!

Track20 Special Appendix 2 “The result of baking cookies…" 15:00

The title of the R18 audio is marked with an asterisk (*).

Other files included] ★+☆+★ 【Other files included】 ★+☆+★

sound file


No echo.

No background music


text file

・台本track1~15まで 全15text file



CV / シナリオ :逢坂成美 https://twitter.com/narumiaisaka
:九郎 様 https://twitter.com/Trg_AKT?lang=en
サークル :ココナッツの夏! https://coconarumina8.wixsite.com/cocont-no-yakata

Total recording time

Recording time

Extra recording time

The whole movie was recorded in a dummy head studio.

The WAVE version (96kHz/24bit sound source) is included.

MP3 version (48kHz/320kbps) with super high sound quality! Included]


This work is a binaural work, recorded using a dummy head microphone.

Use of earphones or headphones will enhance your enjoyment.

No part of this work may be reproduced, reprinted, uploaded, sold, or rented in any form or by any means without permission.


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