【theatre that makes sound 】RPG SE Material Collection Vol.1

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Title:RPG SE Material Collection Vol.1

Maker:theatre that makes sound

Release date:2018/10/01
Genre:health\r\n, tschur\r\n

Contents Guide

This is a collection of sound effects for RPGs, Vol. 1.

This work is free material.

It can be used by individuals and companies for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Creative game materials for RPG Tutool, Unity, Unrealengine, etc.

Youtube video material, niconico video material

Materials for niconico live broadcasting, TwitCasting, YoutubeLive, Vtuber, etc.

Web site material, R18 work material

There are endless ways to enjoy it, depending on the listener!

Explanation of the contents

01. The sound of pressing a button on the controller

Recovery sounds for HP, MP, etc.

03. Attack and damage sounds from battles with monsters

04. Sound when you complete a quest

05. Sound when leveling up

A sound that can be used to move the cursor in a menu screen or for other purposes.



wav 16bit 44.1kHz

mp3 320kbps

ogg 128kbps

m4a 128kbps

aif 16bit 44.1kHz

102 types in total (510 types in total)


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