【Kaede Yukizuki】What I (I) Can Do for You Part I

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Title:What I (I) Can Do for You Part I
Maker:Kaede Yukizuki
Release date:2015/10/01
Genre:Moe, girl, School, DailyLife, Feminization, Sexchange(TS)

Six years after an unforeseen accident splits the family apart.
The main character Kaede is reunited with her younger sister Tsubaki, and they start living together.
The story follows Kaede as she struggles with her new school and her brilliant younger sister, but thanks to her friends Haruka, Nana, and Ren, she is able to enjoy her days, even though they are far from ordinary.
But Kaede has a big secret that she can’t tell anyone.
This story is about Kaede’s daily high school life after she was turned from a man to a woman by an accident. It’s a story with a little bit of peaks and valleys.

This is an original TSF (sex change) light novel.
This is an adaptation of the same title posted on the website [Shosetsuka ni Narou], with additions and corrections, and illustrations added.
The first part of the story (the first and second parts of the doujinshi version) is included.

File format:PDF
Number of Pages:410

Author:Sora Honchi
Illustration by Neko Shiro


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