【Black Cyc】EXTRAVAGANZA Complete Edition

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Title:EXTRAVAGANZA Complete Edition
Maker:Black Cyc
Release date:2017/11/17
Genre:Lori, Maid, cosplay, Humiliation, Restraint, gangrape, tentacle, Heterosexuality, BigTits, Bigtits/bigtits

This work is
[EXTRAVAGANZA~Mushi Aidaeru Shoujo~(Windows10 working version)].
[Welkamu★Tou AnzU (Windows 10 version)].
Yumemi Reihan (Windows 10 version)] [
[Ren to Mushi Kun no Ichini (Windows 10 version)].
[EXTRA VA MIZUNA(Windows10 working version)]
EXTRAVAGANZA~The End of the Road~(Windows10 version)]
[AGEHA~EXTRAVAGANZA~(Windows10 working version)]
[EXTRAVAGANZA~Mushikyakuhen~(Wide screen support/Windows10 version)].
This is a pack product that simultaneously contains

Therefore, there is a duplication of contents with the following work.
(VJ004534)[EXTRAVAGANZA ~Mushi Aidele Shoujo~]]
(VJ005742)[Full Metal Box].
(VJ005744)[EXTRAVAGANZA ~Mushi Aderu Shoujo~ Windows7 compatible version] (Japanese)
(VJ010438)[EXTRAVAGANZA ~Mushikyaku version~] (Japanese)

[EXTRAVAGANZA] A gorgeous set that brings together all eight games in the series is now available for download!


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