【SweetNightmare/Natsuki Nogami】Honey Trap Land – Between the White Coats

[Ranking]24 Hours:#4, 7 Days:#18, 30 Days:#51
Title:Honey Trap Land – Between the White Coats
Maker:SweetNightmare/Natsuki Nogami
Release date:2017/11/17
Genre:Healing, nurse, earcandling, colortrick, groping, malepenetration


*Earphones are required for this binaural recording.

*[Honey Trap Land] is a series, but there is no connection at all between each attraction!
Like any other amusement park or theme park, you can enjoy the game from any attraction.


Elements [Nipple Rubbing/Stethoscope – Ear Scratching – Ear Licking – Blow Job – Pies – Real Sex – Hand Job](Fully Binaural)
*This time, the ear scratching sound and the heartbeat sound when the stethoscope is applied are newly recorded.
*This is the first time I’ve ever used a stethoscope to record a heartbeat sound, so you can really experience the stethoscope.

A theme park piece featuring honey trap bad endings attractions.
The fourth work in the series is with a kind and gentle nurse.

One of the attractions in Honey Trap Land, an apprentice nurse experience in a hospital.
A senior nurse will teach you many things.
The mission this time is to [show your spirit to become a great nurse].
It’s time for some sweet, sweet instruction.


Welcome to Honey Trap Land, your guide.
I will be in charge of guiding you this time.
Thank you very much.

Honey Trap Land is an attraction facility for adult males.
Customers are first asked to choose a room of their choice and then enter that room.

Each room has its own mission to help you escape the room.
All you have to do is complete the mission and leave the room.

How about it? Isn’t it easy?

Missions vary by room.

The missions for this attraction, the White Room, are

[Show your spirit to become a great nurse].

The required abilities to enjoy this attraction are

Interest in the body

Honey trap proficiency
Beginner ★★ ☆☆☆☆☆ Advanced

It’s like this
This time, even a honey trap beginner can enjoy using it♪
The mission may seem difficult at first glance, but don’t worry♪
You don’t need to have a good memory.
You don’t need to remember it well…Mizuki would be mad at me if I said that.
But it’s a bad ending anyway, and I don’t think you’ll be able to complete the mission, so I think it’s best if you keep it somewhat in the back of your mind.

Please get drunk on a different kind of honey trap♪
This time, there is plenty of [healing], and it is not a bad end to be tricked.
Or, depending on how you look at it, a happy ending…?

And yet, you will definitely drown in it.
It is a healing honey trap attraction that can be recommended for those who are not comfortable with being tricked.

If this is not to your liking, please wait for the next attraction to open.

By the way, the criteria for beginners and advanced users are

The more direct contact you have with the girl, the more beginner-friendly it is.
The less direct contact you have, the more advanced you are

The more direct contact with the girl, the more for beginners.

The key this time is how much you surrender to the nurse…

So, please look forward to the opening day of the attraction☆.

By the way

If you can’t complete the mission in this room
At that time

Hmmm. Surely you can’t complete the mission
What’s going to happen? Look forward to it.


Do you have any questions?
Are you sure?

We hope you enjoy the rest of this article.

~Breakdown – (approx. 145 mins)

*Includes version with and without BGM. *Includes versions with and without background music.
*Split file:wav Pass-through file:mp3

Track 0: Welcome to Honey Trap Land 1min 50sec
Track 1: What I want to teach you 5min 00sec
Track 2:Internal Medicine 20min 20sec
Track 3:Otolaryngology 41min 00sec
Track 4:Urology 44min 40sec
Track 5:GAME OVER 17min 15sec
Track 6:Recovery 15min 10sec

Passage track (mp3): 2 hours 25 minutes 15 seconds

Version without BGM (track 0 only)
Package illustration + diff (2 types for package/wallpaper)
OP theme song – lyrics* This is the same song for all Honey Trap Land.
Script (original, so some lines may differ from actual)


The place where you will be taken after ☆ [Collected] is planned to be created in another work in the future.
The package shows a syringe, but the syringe does not appear in the main story.
The package is just an image illustration.


Voice actor:

Nurse: Ms. Natsuki Nogami

Guide: Momoka Yuzuki (MOMOKA.)

Illustration: Akira Urogetsu

Editor: Mr. Yuya Kuratsuki (Kuracki)

Production: MOMOKA.
PeachStudio[Make your “want" come true].
HP: http://momostudio.web.fc2.com/
Twitter ID:yuzuki_momoka

*Yuzuki Momoka is the name of the voice actress MOMOKA.


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