【otherwise】Sense Off – a sacred story in the wind

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Title:Sense Off – a sacred story in the wind
Release date:2017/11/17
Genre:glasses, childhoodfriend, teacher, School/college, Serious, PureLove, Tsundere, expressionless

The last visions on earth come quietly.

What awaited Naoya there was a reunion with a childhood friend.
It was one of the most dramatic events of his life.

The season is on the edge of spring and early summer.
When the east wind coming from the sea shakes the wisteria flowers.
The cherry blossom season is over, but it’s still too early to call it early summer.

The setting is a provincial city.
With a catchphrase like “a rich living environment surrounded by greenery,
This is a city where houses for sale are sold under such a catchphrase.
The truth is that the catchphrase is simply a way of saying [countryside].
The truth is that the catchphrase is merely a way to hide the fact that it is [rural].

There is one institution in that city.
It’s a research institute attached to a university, but it’s where the school life takes place.
It is a pseudo-school life that could be found anywhere, yet is somehow different.

A holy story that comes to such a setting.


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