【I’m not a fan. /Paco Shirakawa】Sweet love sweet gambling sex with carnivorous casino bunny [ear licking][leg fetish].

[Ranking]24 Hours:#22
Title:Sweet love sweet gambling sex with carnivorous casino bunny [ear licking][leg fetish].
Maker:I’m not a fan. /Paco Shirakawa
Release date:2017/12/21
Genre:sister, bunnygirl, lovey-dovey, Footjob, Exposure

The real reason why we “reset" in RPG casinos.
It’s all about getting punished by a super sexy bunny!
This is the third installment in a series of real-life, sexually charged reenactments of situations born out of my prejudiced fantasies.

That guilty feeling of “I reset ……" that I felt as a child. Now, it’s a piece of cake.

You’re an adventurer and you need a break. You have to threaten the casino’s business to relax. Oh, what a waste of time!

If you’re a traveler with badass wisdom, you can become bait for the carnivorous casino bunny.
It’s the beginning of the bunny sister’s gentle punishment time, the beginning.


A synopsis of the story

Breaking into private homes, destroying jars and breaking barrels.
It has been a while since you, who are more of a thief than a hero, were squeezed by the sisters of the church.
When you finally get there, the next place you go is
We were greeted by a neon-lit city at night and a huge casino.

I immediately tried to play the slots to relax, but I didn’t win anything!
Reset, reset, reset!

[Hey, you’re cheating, aren’t you?]

In the event that you’ve got a lot of time, you’ll be able to take a look at this kind of a lot more.

Cute face, but carnivorous!

Stomped on by torn tights, cheeky slurping on beautiful legs: ……

In the event that you’ve got a lot of money, you’ll be able to take advantage of it.
The end result is a race between a hare and a tortoise with the hare fully inserted!

Don’t lose the turtle head to the pouncing cowgirl, the first one to the finish line loses!

What awaits you at the end of your climax endurance battle with your sister?


There are some dialogue differences, so track 3 is separated.

The flow of the main story remains the same, so please listen to the one you like according to your fetish.

If you have any items in reality, you can enjoy the realism even more.

[Main story]mp3 256kbps
01 Hail to the Rescuer [02:49].
02 Behind the Scenes at the Giveaway Corner [07:32].
03 Leg fetish roulette!
03-1 – Net tights ver [20:10].
03-2 – stockings 20 denier ver [20:15].
03-3 – Tights 30 denier ver [20:10].
03-4 – Tights 60 denier ver [20:07].
03-5 – Tights 80 denier ver [20:23].
04 – Ear licking hand job with bunny’s used tights L [05:10].
05 Bunny’s ear licking hand job with used tights R [08:00].
06 Jumpy cowgirl position [06:46].
07 lovey-dovey normal position [09:26].
08 hitting it in the back [08:07].
09 Are you ready to say goodbye? 01:52]

Total [01:09:52] *Except diff 2-5

-PC wallpaper 1920*1080
-Album Art
-Kuchu no sound ver
-No ambient sound ver (I removed the casino sound that can be heard faintly during the act)


You can satisfy such carnal desires.

I want to have a lover’s love ecchi with a sweet and naughty sister!
[I want to be penetrated by not only net tights but also tights of various thinness!]

This time, the one who will make your testes empty is a professional of disordered voice – sister Paco Shirakawa.


The jackpot of the “RPG Ura World" plays.
Enjoy the hidden bunnies of the casino to your heart’s content.



CV:Paco Shirakawa
Script: dog crazy
Illustration: Masaki Hatori
Logo design: juda53
Planning/Editing: Yami Satori
制作:とらいあんぐる! ( http://www.miyuki-web.net/ )


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