【Utakata / Ayusara】[ear scratching-ear licking] sleeping together in the middle of winter at the Utakata no Yado [binaural-healing].

[Ranking]24 Hours:#10, 7 Days:#45
Title:[ear scratching-ear licking] sleeping together in the middle of winter at the Utakata no Yado [binaural-healing].
Maker:Utakata / Ayusara
Release date:2017/12/21
Genre:healing, Series, earcandling, HandJob


The season is winter.

The man had made a reservation at an inn.

The lodge was located in the mountains in a remote countryside town that was almost unexplored.

In the winter, the area is covered with snow, and I had heard that it was a sight to behold.

So the man wanted to see it.

The usual bus stop. As he arrived, he heard a familiar bright voice.

[I was told that you would be here by noon, so I have come to pick you up. sir.]

Composition [Contents]]
Full length:65min.

1:Welcome(4:24)The iris that came to pick you up. Somehow, she seems to be in a high mood. A snowy landscape is apparently her favorite.

2:A Walk in the Snow (6:06)A slow walk in the snow with Shobu. Enjoy the sound of the snow stomping and the conversation with the iris.

1:To My Special (2:39) Iris visits your room. You will go to a certain room together.

2:Daruma Stove Room(4:10)Shobu’s favorite room is the retro Daruma stove. With the sound of nature’s fire in the background, the distance between them gradually grows closer.

3:Right Earwax (7:06)Right earwax. New Year’s is just around the corner, though, and Shobu talks about her memories as she looks back on this year.

4: Right Ear Licking (11:15)Right Ear Licking. It makes Shobu happy to know that you feel good.

5:Left Ear Licking, Sleeping with and Taking Care of You (20:01)Left ear licking. She invites you to her futon and licks your middle ear while taking care of you.

6: Sleeping Together in the Middle of Winter (10:12): Sleeping together on one futon. It’s cold in winter, so let’s keep warm together. Good night.

The point of the work
-The conversation is slow, and the ear licking is slow and relaxed, with plenty of time and not too much intensity. It may be best to sleep at regular intervals.

-I have adjusted the volume control background SE, etc., and adjusted the voice to a higher level and the BGSE to a lower level. I’m planning to update my previous works as needed.

-All binauralThe entire piece is recorded in binaural throughout. Please immerse yourself in this world by meditating, lying down on the futon, and concentrating on the sound.

Shobu: Ayusara-sama

Scenario,Editing:Naotsugu Amako
Illustration: Ikeya Kagura

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