【Moo-ta-wax / Aoyagi Ruu】[Bone Conduction] Feel the Babu in Uemi’s Candy! [heartbeat riffle]

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Title:[Bone Conduction] Feel the Babu in Uemi’s Candy! [heartbeat riffle]
Maker:Moo-ta-wax / Aoyagi Ruu
Release date:2017/12/21
Genre:healing, girl, Love/Love/Amaa, Family, Dailylife/life

(This is the first work of the circle [Motorworx])

You are exhausted from work every day.
But when you get home, your elementary school mom, Emi, is waiting for you.
It’s okay to be a spoiled brat in front of Mommy, okay?

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-Points of the piece
Realistic candy licking and tooth brushing with bone conduction binaural recording.
Please use earphones or headphones to watch.

As an added bonus, we have included a “Heartbeat Riffle" player that allows you to feel your mother’s heartbeat in real time.
Please use your smartphone with the vibration function enabled to watch the video (see readmetxt for details).
However, the player is not guaranteed to work on all playback devices. It is just a [bonus].

1:Welcome back (Home, 02:49)
2:Lick your candy (Bone Conduction Candy Licking, 23:36)
3:Did I just remember something? (consolation, 02:18)
4:Let’s brush our teeth (Bone Conduction Toothpaste, 07:50)
5:Goodnight (Heartbeat – Sheep Counting, 26:00)
Total: 62:35 (about 1 hour)

1:48kHz,24bit wav format(099 GB)
2:320kbps mp3 format (142 MB)
2:320kbps mp3 (142 MB)

-Credit (honorifics omitted)
Character Voice: Ruu Aoyagi
イラスト:大和(大根) https://sleeeepershigh.wixsite.com/sleeeepers-high
Title Logo-Screenplay-Sound-Program: Mota
製作サークル:もーたーわーくす https://melanieweiss0.wixsite.com/autumnmotor


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