【Need Drop / Tyrol Oyama】lewd word naimouto 06: I was picked up in reverse by an exposed bitch, that’s all!

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Title:lewd word naimouto 06: I was picked up in reverse by an exposed bitch, that’s all!
Maker:Need Drop / Tyrol Oyama
Release date:2017/12/15
Genre:sister, Nakadashi, exposure, BlueRape, Shame/Humiliation, Incest

[Nice to meet you, brother]
A late autumn dusk, in the mountains without popularity. An old bench at the observatory, the town in vermilion.
She – my sister – called out to me as if I were a stranger, illuminated by the poisonous red glow of the setting sun.

She wants you to help her blow off her broken heart, her sister said.
I want to walk naked in the open air. I want to give blowjobs and be photographed. I want to satisfy my desire for exposure.
I want to have outdoor sex and have my virginity taken from me.

I want to have my virginity taken away by outdoor sex.
Because the evening sun is dazzling. I’m wearing sunglasses. Because I’m playing exposed in the dark mountains.
So they don’t recognize our faces, they don’t realize that we are brother and sister. So it’s safe to have sex with them.
It’s the last fling of my single life with a random girl I don’t know.
The only thing that matters is that you get picked up by a virgin bitch with a penchant for exposure and enjoy kinky sex.

–My sister, yes, she invites me.

The first kiss is just a touch, and then it’s a grown-up kiss, with tongues furiously tangling and saliva drinking each other.
I touched my dick for the first time in my life and was surprised by the force of my ejaculation.
Walking naked on the boardwalk, shivering and wetting your pussy with the excitement of exposure.
She takes a video in front of a vending machine, and climaxes after being aroused by facial cumshot.

First time having sex in an outdoor bathroom. In front of the mirror of the washbasin, begging to insert his dick.

In the mountains, in the middle of nowhere, with no one else in the world but the two of you.
A secret one-night stand, where you pretend to be someone else.


Episode 0 Prologue: Reverse Pickup at Twilight (8:06)

The first kiss is a deep kiss that makes you want to salivate (11:31)

Episode 2 – First Hand Job and First Blow Job with a Close Relative’s Penis (17:13)

Episode 3: Walking naked in the open air + exposure shooting (11:37)

Episode 4 Mutual masturbation video filming + bukkake cum (13:22)

Episode 5 – First time having sex, blindfolded and in cowgirl position (16:50)

Episode 6 Epilogue of the Long First Love (15:36)


7 mp3 audio files, approx. 94 min.

CV Oyama Tyrol
Illustration Kosumo

詳細は公式サイト ( http://kneedrop.x.fc2.com/i06.html ) でご確認ください。


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