【Starlit Sky】Elf Mothers and Daughters and the Mysterious Fruit – You can’t beat a naughty mood! ~(Japanese only)

[Ranking]24 Hours:#4, 7 Days:#9, 30 Days:#42
Title:Elf Mothers and Daughters and the Mysterious Fruit – You can’t beat a naughty mood! ~(Japanese only)
Maker:Starlit Sky
Release date:2017/12/15
Genre:Boobs, Elf/fairy, paizuri, Masturbation, MultiplePlay/Orgy, Tentacle

[Help a mother in heat! It’s a great adventure for Alicia, a natural elf girl, and Emily, a fairy! This is the first time I’ve seen this game.]

This is the first time I’ve seen this game.
This is the first time I’ve seen this game.
This is the first time I’ve ever played a game with big tits.

Alicia and Amelia live in an elf village.
They eat a strange fruit that they purchased from a merchant they met in the forest, and they contract a disease that makes them physically horny!

It’s a great way to get to know the people you’ll be working with.
The deadline given to the two of them is [15 days].
In the meantime, they head to the mysterious forest in search of the legendary mystical herb that can cure anything.

I’m going to do my best to find it!
[Don’t be reckless, Alicia. We must proceed with caution.]

With Emily, my companion and chaperone.
Will you be able to find the mysterious herb within the time limit?

-Easy combat
The basic combat in this game is simple: simply hit the enemy.
The game is designed for players who want to get the most out of their game.
The more powerful your weapons and armor are, the easier it will be for you to defeat them.
If you’re not a fan of RPGs, you’ll probably want to give this game a try.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

-Murmur Degree
The number that accumulates when Alicia does something naughty or meets a naughty eye.
The number of times Alicia gets horny. It affects the branch to the ending.

-day/night system
By staying at an inn in a human town, you can move forward in time from day to night, from night to day, and from day to the next day.
The events that can occur during the day and night are different.

-Part-time job
In the human town, you can work part-time to earn money.
There are also events that are exclusive to part-time jobs.

-Costume Change
You can get a variety of costumes for your part-time job.
There are also events that occur with certain costumes.
You can only act in different costumes in the human town.

-Scene Reminiscence Room
You can view sexually explicit events that you have seen once.

[sex scene]
47 basic erotic CG + a little erotic CG
The [sex event] will be opened depending on Alicia’s horny level and the passage of the date.
In the beginning, Alicia will masturbate or be carried away by the atmosphere of the moment and have sex, but gradually her horny level will accumulate and she will actively seek sex.
Also, situations.
Rape, Nakadashi, Peeing, Pies, Fellatio, Hair Job, Intercourse, Masturbation, etc.

We also have a wide range of situations to choose from!

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[Production Tools]
This work is made with RPG Tucool VX Ace.
To play the game, you need [RPG Tutool VX Ace RTP].
You can download RPG Tsutool VX Ace RTP from the following link.

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Character Introduction 1

  • エルフ母娘と不思議な果実~エッチな気分には負けないんだから!~ [Starlit Sky]

    -The main character of this work. She has inherited her mother Amelia’s good looks and is quite good looking.
    -A bright, energetic, and natural girl who goes on adventures in search of mysterious medicinal herbs.

  • エルフ母娘と不思議な果実~エッチな気分には負けないんだから!~ [Starlit Sky]

    -Alicia’s mother. She’s so young that it’s impossible to guess her real age at first glance.
    -Alicia’s mother. She is a married woman with good looks and a natural beauty that charms all the men around her.

  • エルフ母娘と不思議な果実~エッチな気分には負けないんだから!~ [Starlit Sky]

    -She is a cheerful and cheerful fairy, but she is a stopper for Alicia.
    -She has a rather random side to her, but she is an indispensable part of Alicia’s adventures.

  • エルフ母娘と不思議な果実~エッチな気分には負けないんだから!~ [Starlit Sky]

    -Alicia’s childhood friend and elf.
    -A slightly strange girl who likes to gossip and has a lot of strange knowledge.
    -She’s also a kind girl who wants to do anything she can to help her friends in need.

Character Introduction 2

  • エルフ母娘と不思議な果実~エッチな気分には負けないんだから!~ [Starlit Sky]

    -He is the mayor of the elf village and makes the final decision on many things in the village.
    -He is a man of character and is trusted by the elves. He is a man of character and is trusted by the elves. He has lived a very long life, but is still active.

  • エルフ母娘と不思議な果実~エッチな気分には負けないんだから!~ [Starlit Sky]

    -He is a very good doctor in the human town.
    He is a person who is trusted and relied upon by everyone.

  • エルフ母娘と不思議な果実~エッチな気分には負けないんだから!~ [Starlit Sky]

    -The eldest of the three girls who are trying to interfere with Alicia’s progress.
    She has a strong leadership style and is very much an older sister, but she is also a disappointing type who is not good at the important things.

    -They are basically capable and amazing, but for some reason they are also good at making mistakes.

  • エルフ母娘と不思議な果実~エッチな気分には負けないんだから!~ [Starlit Sky]

    -The second of the three girls who are trying to interfere with Alicia’s progress.
    -She is a cheerful and flirtatious person who stirs up everyone around her, and she loves to have sex.
    -She’s a troubled woman who likes to watch her older sister, Kikiyo, lose her shit and also likes to play with her younger sister, Himeyuri.

Character Introduction 3

  • エルフ母娘と不思議な果実~エッチな気分には負けないんだから!~ [Starlit Sky]

    -The third of the three girls who are trying to interfere with Alicia’s progress.
    -She is somewhat taciturn and quiet, but has the kindness to go along with her sisters’ activities.
    -They love their sisters in spite of what they say, and in fact, they are muscular skeptics.

  • エルフ母娘と不思議な果実~エッチな気分には負けないんだから!~ [Starlit Sky]

    -A man who calls himself a merchant, but whose appearance, words, and actions are highly suspicious.
    -They deal in all sorts of goods, from the ordinary to the dangerous.
    -He is the one who sold the horny fruit to Alicia and Amelia.


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