【Black Train】The Hunters of Nippurheim -Branded Azel

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#1, Annual:#7, Total:#27
Title:The Hunters of Nippurheim -Branded Azel
Maker:Black Train
Release date:2017/12/15
Genre:ContinuousClimax, warrior, bunnygirl, Ahegao, Twintails, Bigtits/bigtits

A girl in heat who hunts magical beasts and fights wearing armor made from their materials.
This is the first time I’ve seen this site.


Azel, a hunter girl, is on a quest to find the hexenbiest that carved a lewd mark on her.
She finally arrives at it.
The front line of the race for survival between humans and demons.
To Nippurheim, a remote land called the bank of evil.

Equipment creation – dress-up costume system

You can create armor and strengthen your weapons from the materials of the magical beasts you defeat.
The armor is reflected in the standing, walking, and fighting graphics.
There are more than 10 types of armor.

Certain outfits can be used to make your friends recognize your power, seduce NPCs, and more.
They can also be used to trigger erotic events.

Also, once you’ve made an item of armor, it will be registered as a [outfit] and can be used to create new outfits.
Once you have created an armor, it is registered as an [outfit] and can reflect the look of any outfit you want, regardless of the armor you have equipped.

The EP System

Azel can use the magical power of the lewd crest engraved on her lower abdomen to create special [skills].
You can use the special [skill] by using the magical power of the lewd crest carved on her lower abdomen.
Whenever you use a skill, your [EP] will increase, and when your EP reaches 100%, your lewd crest will run wild and come into heat.
An event will occur where you will be raped by a demon that is hit by the aftermath.

EP] will return to zero after an event in battle, and will also return to zero after an event in battle.
You can also get rid of it with erotic events at night.

Erotic Status

The number of times you have climaxed, the increase in sensitivity, the amount of cumshot, and other experiences are stored in your lewd crest, and can be used to improve your erotic status.
If you meet the conditions, you can learn [Passive Skill] which is useful in battle.

A variety of erotic scenes

In addition to the rich ADV-style erotic scenes with a large number of differences, you can also enjoy a variety of other erotic scenes.
Battle erotic scenes.
And you can enjoy the heroine’s endless climax with freehand.
(and you can finish it whenever you want) system of erotic scenes.
I’ve also implemented a new erotic scene system.

All scenes are voiced, and you can set the voice on/off and other details.

34 basic erotic CGs (600 diffs)
30 kinds of erotic scenes +α
15 battle erotic patterns (separate frame)

RPG made by [WOLF RPG Editor
制作協力:sugar star( http://sgst.x.fc2.com/ )


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