【Little Sprout】Punyorori-yu

[Ranking]24 Hours:#4, 7 Days:#9, 30 Days:#47
Maker:Little Sprout
Release date:2017/11/17
Genre:Loli, Schoolswimsuit, paizuri, Urinating/Peeing, Bigtits

If you haven’t played the previous game, “Puniroriyu", you won’t have any problems with this scenario.

This is the first time I’ve been able to enjoy a super-sized volume of 1025 movies.
This is the first time I’ve seen a game like this.

A super public bath reborn in winter.
The main character, who has been going to a suspicious public bath for too long, finally runs out of money in his wallet.
In this case, the girl on the watchtower handed him a [a sheet of paper].

[I’m looking for a pool teacher at my school. You can go there if you want.]
I had a bad feeling about this, but the stage was shifted to a fishy pool class.

The characters
[Natsuki Takamiya (cv Sugar Shio)] vagina length: 8cm
A girl who always carries a book around with her.
She has a calm personality, but there is a hint that she doesn’t recognize the main character as an [adult].
[It’s a secret to adult people].
This is probably the reason why she sometimes treats him like a friend of her own age.

[Hinako Karasuma (cv Aino Mimori)] Vaginal length: 4cm
A girl who is afraid to even jump over a puddle.
A girl who is afraid to even jump over puddles. She gets tired easily and falls asleep because she shakes herself so much.
While sleeping, she sucks on anything that comes near her mouth.

[Momiji Akino (cv Aizawa Natsuko)] Vaginal length: 6cm
A girl who is the older sister of Kaede Akino.
For some reason, she sees adults as the enemy, and often messes with the main character.
A girl who is very close to the protagonist, even when she is wearing light clothes, probably because she is not afraid of things.

[Kaede Akino (cv Aizawa Natsuketsu)] vagina length: 8cm, breast weight: 4400g
A girl who is the younger sister of Momiji Akino.
She and Momiji are identical twins, but there is a big difference in their development due to their different food preferences.
[My chest is heavy. You can have it]
She has a vague personality and shakes her ample I-cups without warning.

Over 2,600 voices recorded!
There are three route branches: Natsuki Takamiya, Hinako Karasuma, and the Akino sisters.

-Save Anywhere
-Auto mode
-Scene Recall
-Video preview mode
Keyboard operation (left and right cursor keys) has also been added to the video preview mode of this title.

You’ll be able to see the cheeks stretching as the blowjob is performed, or the reverse nursing hand job while the little one sucks on your breast!
Multi-step semen spilling! Prototype [real daughter mode]!
A new expression to pursue a sense of weight, the sloppy paizuri 20!

The basic 22 difference 1025 movies, a large volume that exceeds the previous work.

A lot of power-ups, double the fun!
Please take care!


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