【studioFD】Pee-pee chatter alert!

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Title:Pee-pee chatter alert!
Release date:2021/04/13
Genre:Diapers, diaper, shota, “Mansdaughter", Peeing, masturbation, Urinating/Peeing

The duo of [puishota] & [man’s daughter] decide to try out a [magic potion] with a high diuretic effect!

One day, a man’s daughter [cha-cha], who is a reclusive communist, suddenly finds herself at home.
A little bit cheeky and money-grubbing legal shota (24-year-old adult child) [Bibi] comes to visit with a [magic potion with high diuretic effect].
When Bibi asks Cha-cha to pee with her, Cha-cha pretends to be uncomfortable, but all she wants to do is pee.

What will happen to the two of them? And how effective is the magic potion?

“If you hold back a lot and pee all at once I’m sure it will feel really good…

What is this? I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not. It’s not good…!

This time, there are two pages of special color illustrations in the main story that are only available in the downloadable version!
(*The two color illustrations in the main story are the same as those on the other download site. There are two color illustrations in the main story.)

Number of pages
[Main Story]
Cover(color) + text(monochrome) + illustration(color), total 37 pages

DLsite download privilege
-DLsite exclusive newly drawn color illustrations (including differences – 13 illustrations in total)
-Cover color illustration (high quality PNG)(1 each with and without logo)
-Color illustration in the main story(High Quality PNG)(1 each of Chacha and Bibi)

The main story (JPEG) + PDF of the same contents are also included in the package.


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