【Utakata / Kanade Ame】[ear scratching-ear licking] sunken hearth in early winter at Utakata no Yado [binaural-healing].

[Ranking]24 Hours:#10, 7 Days:#42
Title:[ear scratching-ear licking] sunken hearth in early winter at Utakata no Yado [binaural-healing].
Maker:Utakata / Kanade Ame
Release date:2017/11/17
Genre:healing, earcandling, handjob


The season is early winter.

The man had made a reservation at an inn.

The inn was located in the mountains in a secluded countryside town.

The only sound that can be heard in the deserted village is the sound of a lonely stream flowing.

The man walked alone through the village to the inn.

He arrived at the inn, but no one was there to greet him.

I’ve been to the inn a few times before, so I went to my usual room, put my luggage down, and relaxed.

In the meantime, I noticed a strange woman with a bamboo broom in her hand staring at me from the garden.

[Omoshiya, do you have a reservation?]

The man nodded silently.

So that’s what …… is all about. I see, that makes sense.

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Composition of the film [Contents].
Total length: 64 minutes

-Evening Session
1: In the midst of cleaning (3:17)When Rygi finds you in the middle of cleaning, he stops cleaning, sits down next to you, and proceeds to talk about you.

2: The feeling of early winter (4:34) The feeling of early winter by the dragon gall is somehow different from that of ordinary people. There is a different flavor to the season.

3:Right Earwax (8:25)Right earwax. In a relaxed conversation by Ryuubi, the conversation slowly continues with early winter-like content.

4:Left Earwax (9:58)Left earwax. When you’re an adult, when you’re little, Ryubi feels like he’s losing out on the difference in the flow of time.

5: See you later (1:10) See you later. Apparently, Ryubei will treat you with something special.

1:Go away(1:59)Ryuubi visits your room. Together, they head to the separation.

2:The sunken hearth in early winter(3:44)A conversation around the sunken hearth in a remote place. It’s a great way to get to know each other better.

3: Right Ear Licking (13:46) Right ear licking. It’s a slow, plentiful ear lick. It’s a great way to get to know the people in your life.

4: Left ear licking and care (13:37) It’s too much to just let you expect it and then leave it at that.

5:Good Night(3:30)By the hearth, shoulder to shoulder, good night together. See you tomorrow.

Points for your work
-The conversation is slow, and the ear licking is relaxed, with plenty of time and not too much intensity. It may be best to sleep at regular intervals.

-Natural sounds of the hearthThe natural sounds of the fire in the hearth, and a leisurely ear lick in the background. You will be taken care of wonderfully in your own space.

-All binauralThe entire film is recorded in binaural. Lying down on the futon, meditating, and concentrating on the sound, please immerse yourself in this world.


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Scenario,Editing:Naotsugu Amako
Illustration: Ikeya Kagura


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