【CIRCUS】DSiF -Dal Segno- in Future

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Title:DSiF -Dal Segno- in Future
Release date:2017/12/22
Genre:Moe, committeechairman, classmate/colleague, Younglady, Kimono/kifuku, School, Lovey-dovey/Amahama, Lovers, Livingtogether, purelove


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The season is winter. The season is winter.
It’s the time of the year when the world’s most important people come together for the first time.

[Let’s meet again in the village where snow and fireflies dance].

We visit a hot spring village that is closed in by snow, and where the legend of snowflies still remains.
I was greeted by Kanade, the new janitor of the paradise, and the fireflies that danced with the snow.

It was a thank-you event from the Heavenly Fertilizer Research Institute to those whom Heaven cared about.
The fireflies dancing in the snow are actually artificial fairies.
Kanade takes Heaven’s place as a guide for the heroes.

And on the night of the full moon…
The real Hotaru appears in Yukisato.
In a fantastic scene, a nostalgic figure that was supposed to have disappeared emerges.

Is this the trajectory of an artificial fairy or a one-night-only miracle?

[A slightly eccentric school idol (late bloomer)].
Himari Asamiya (CV: Honoka Yuki)
The protagonist’s classmate, a beautiful girl who wears a hat named Medesu.
She is also a resident of the same dormitory as the main character.
He used to be a rare character who was never seen at school and was a loner.
She is now taking her classes and enjoying her school life.

His behavior and actions are as unique as ever, and he seems to be popular among male students for that.

The school is fun, but it’s best when the two of us look out at the ocean together.

I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that.

Haruki Ouzaki (CV: Koori Natsuno)
She is the student council president of Kazan Academy, and also the daughter of the chancellor.
She is the embodiment of talent and beauty, and is highly respected by instructors and students.
She is still busy with her duties as student body president and acting chancellor.
I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why I’m so excited about this.
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I’m not as used to switching as you are. I’m not as used to switching as you are.]

[The demon king with the princess’s soul is his daughter].
Yorai Kamizuki (CV: Sora Haruka)
She is in the same grade as the protagonist, and is the daughter of the self-proclaimed demon king.
She is also a resident of the same dormitory as the main character.
She wears a modified school uniform and likes to use difficult and characteristic phrases.
Before, there was hardly anyone I could take seriously.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it.
In the past, there were few people who could be taken seriously.

[Um, please, can I? I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a great idea. You’re easy to deal with, thank you very much.]

[A cousin who is caring but also likes to be cared for]
Noeri Fujishiro (CV: Natsu Sawada)
The protagonist’s cousin, and two years behind her in school.
She moved to the second student dormitory as the protagonist’s chaperone, but remains in the second dormitory even after being assigned a room for the new school year.
He tries to take care of the main character in any way he can.
It seems that he has come to enjoy the promise of being able to do things on his own, even getting ahead of the protagonist.

He used to be a bit vain, but now he acts like a natural.

It is said that she has gained a good reputation among her classmates.

[Ni, should I wake you up tomorrow morning? I’m so embarrassed. Then can you wake me up?]

[previous generation’s girl-type artificial intelligence]
Ten (CV: Yuu Hime Hara)
The [girl-type artificial intelligence] that greeted the protagonist when he came to Kazenan Island.
A hologram without an actual body.
A hologram without an actual body, she appears everywhere on the island and calls out to people in need, which is favorably accepted by the islanders.
I was also in charge of the administration of the systems and artificial fairies that ran throughout the island.

The manager of the paradise has now been taken over by Kanade.

I exist to make everyone happy…

[A former hardscrabble person accustomed to paradise]
Atsuya Takamura (Last name can be changed)
The main character of this work.
The main character of this story. He and his younger sister, Mei, have been under the care of their aunt, the Fujishiro family.
One year ago in the winter, she unseasonably transferred to Fu-Nan Academy.
She is now accustomed to life on the island and is enjoying life at the school and in the dormitory.

[Mistakes can be redone, so why not try first?]

[Girl-type artificial intelligence-2]
Kanade (CV: Yu Hime Hara)
The current administrator of Paradise.
Having inherited the record of activities of her predecessor, Heaven, and having learned that happiness is not a simple thing.
His basic philosophy is to stand by his side, walk with him and support him.
We hope to use the records we inherited from heaven for the well-being of the island.

[Are you in trouble? Is there anything I can do to help? ]

[No. 1 sister you don’t want to piss off]
Takamura Mei (CV: Kotorii Yuka)
The protagonist’s real sister.
Along with the protagonist, she has been under the care of her aunt, the Fujishiro family.
The main character has decided to transfer to Fu-Nan Academy, so she is now staying there alone.
I’m not happy with the actions of the main character who decided to leave on his own, but
It was easy to guess his true intentions, so he could not get angry.

[It’s been a while, oh brother.
There are many things I want to say, but it’s good that I could see your dumb face as expected]. [

[Mysterious Informant]
Yamato Tsujitani
The protagonist’s classmate and mysterious informant.
She is a member of the unofficial newspaper club, a club whose activities she doesn’t understand.
He is a member of the unofficial newspaper club, and has been calling the protagonist “comrade" since the day he moved in.
Now, they sometimes work together in the dark, and can be said to be comrades in both name and reality.

It seems that he is fascinated by the “Trickster of Hatsunejima".

It’s a good thing, isn’t it? That’s a very good trend, isn’t it?]

[The school’s chief disciplinarian.]
Ai Mizuhara (CV: Yukina Fujimori)
The head of Fujinami Academy’s Public Relations Committee.
She is the head of the discipline committee at Kazan Academy.
However, it is not as if they are being smothered, and their hard work is being recognized.

He and Yamato, who is naturally in the dark about making the event happen, are like rivals.

I’m trying my best to capture Yamato.

Yamato sees him as an interesting person who could become a rival if raised.

Or, rather, they are being poked fun at.

[Wait, not that idiot Yamato, Tsujitani-kun! You’re running away too fast.]


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