Not ranked
Title:What I (I) Can Do for You Part I
Maker:Kaede Yukizuki
Release date:2015/10/01
Genre: ...

Short Stories

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Title:I want to hear you cum! 4
Release date:2015/10/04
Genre:sister, cosplay ...

Magazine / Anthology

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Title:COMIC Penguin Club February 2021
Maker:SCOLA Magazine
Release date:2021/01/07
Genre: ...


24 Hours:#9, 7 Days:#50
Title:Irotsuki Gakuen ~Adolescent Male Seduction Strategy 2
Maker:Omochi Daifuku

CG + Illustrations

24 Hours:#25
Title:Gals who are slutty to geeks
Release date:2021/04/27
Genre:c ...


Not ranked
Title:School Life with Sexual Practice -Part 1
Maker:cat and tiger shop
Release date:2021/04/2 ...


Not ranked
Title:University Entrance Exam for Shady Girls
Maker:Freak Studio
Release date:2021/04/17

CG + Illustrations

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Title:Viewing pornographic pictures of girls in class on social networking sites 10
Maker:cat pyth ...

CG + Illustrations

Not ranked
Title:View pornographic pictures of girls in your class on social networking sites 8
Maker:cat pyt ...

Voice / ASMR

24 Hours:#16, 7 Days:#41
Title:Sweet Love Sex with a Big Tits Gal at the Top of the Caste – Pure Erotic Dai ...