【Youth×Fujiシズム】[Traditional Chinese Subtitle] Pure Love Pussy as After

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Title:[Traditional Chinese Subtitle] Pure Love Pussy as After
Release date:2021/04/25
Genre:癒し, オールハッピー, おっぱい, obscenelanguage, バイノーラル/ダミヘ, school/academy, ラブラブ/あまあま, Nakagusuku

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【繁體字字幕版】純愛小穴擔當 After【擬音】 [青春×フェティシズム]

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Heroine Introduction & Overview

【繁體字字幕版】純愛小穴擔當 After【擬音】 [青春×フェティシズム]

The girl who was once a pussy is in a pure love relationship.
The school life that becomes youth x love.
From the famous instrument, to the love of love all by the exclusive.
The actual fact is that you are going to be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

The characteristics and persistence of [pussy as After]!!!

【繁體字字幕版】純愛小穴擔當 After【擬音】 [青春×フェティシズム]

The period of time when the pussy was inactive and cold,
The pussy has become a little bit more like a girl in love.
The female protagonist, Narumi Fusaka

“Sweet, dark, erotic exhalation"
“Lovers whispering to each other"
“Youthful and full of words"

It will make you happy♪

This time the look is also erotic as always!
I’m sure it’s as pure and lovely as the previous one!
Even though I’ve changed from a pussy boss to a pussy girlfriend, the super-erotic youngster is still alive and well♪

The erotic look

【繁體字字幕版】純愛小穴擔當 After【擬音】 [青春×フェティシズム]

Buy Features

【繁體字字幕版】純愛小穴擔當 After【擬音】 [青春×フェティシズム]


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