【Imakawa-tei】[Body type version] Bold refusal! Ashizuka-san

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Title:[Body type version] Bold refusal! Ashizuka-san
Release date:2021/06/04
Genre:オールハッピー, Student, Fellowstudent/colleague, FirstExperience, Wagyu, Koinonia, Ronggaihead, hugebreasts/explodingbreasts, daughter



[begging for the name to call me, name]
Look at a road a begging sub, my meat stick has been about to explode!

The weak girl [ashizuka students] who can’t refuse no matter what to ask from the man’s breast that people do, to the drink will pull people, and finally even by sex.
The poor fellow student [Naito-kun], under the strong request of Ashizuka students, began to accompany how to refuse.

However, after a month, Ashizuka’s refusal ability was not successful. The impatient Naito-kun, decided to take hard measures!

[How can I not be upset? But it was to the place where a man lives alone]
Naito-kun roughly rubbed the breasts hidden in the clothes and violently went to the pussy.

(The next refused)
But contrary to what Naito-kun thought, Ashizuka students have no intention to resist, and even put their own feet!

[I want to do it with Naito-kun to the end!]

The sudden gesture of Ashizuka students, Naito-kun can table like a man a?
And Ashizuka-san, and can become a girl who will refuse!

The person who is in the room

An introverted girl who can’t say no to people.
Wearing clothes that reveal very little, but the potential of the body hidden in them is very high.

A male friend of Ashizuka-san.
I couldn’t stand to see Ashizuka-san’s inability to refuse people, so I started to accompany him.


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PN:Imagawa Akira


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