【Iniminima?】BLACKSOULSII(Chinese Version)

[Ranking]24 Hours:#18
Title:BLACKSOULSII(Chinese Version)
Release date:2020/03/06
Genre:rolleyes, humanoutsidemother/モンスター娘, ラブラブ/あまあま, 退廃/背徳/インモラル, Reip, inbreeding

This work 18 forbidden RPG.
It contains sadistic descriptions, so be careful.
This is a part of the previous work [BLACKSOULS].

The number of female protagonists is 34.
The pleasant character who appeared in the famous children’s [Dreaming of Wonderland],
The girls who will be transformed can come to the front.
(But come on, the most really is?)

-White rabbit
-Cheshire Cat
-Hat House
-March Hare
-Sleeping Mouse
-Fake Sea

-Queen of Hearts

●SEN Department
All NPCs in the world can be harmed. However, doing so will lower the SEN.
As the SEN decreases, the
-No background sound
-Native people start to come out with unknown
-Start looking at something that doesn’t exist
And so on, very scary situation!
The use of the party, or sex with the heroine can return to SEN, good luck.

My kingdom is full of unbelievable and pleasant things!
-The world is a fascinating place.
-The mechanism of the lightning encounter.
The ATB (semi-implemented bar) style fight with a lot of sex and feeling.
-You can collect souls to improve, and explore a corner of the country of the unthinkable.
-There are a lot of branches and a lot of content to play after passing.
-Of course, all NPCs can be harmed. Female NPCs can be violated or banned to the basement.
-Death does not lead to the game, but to the last resting campfire.
-Branches (7 in total)
-Can swear with the heroine.
-Lots of children waiting to be collected.
-Can play multi-weekly.
-18 forbidden scenes can be turned on/off.

-The world is made up of more unreasonable and crazy than you can imagine.
Depending on the line, the heroine may die or become a demon.
(Hands to the rescue)

(once or really) can be discouraging.
And of course quasi-save props that can speed up the flow of the tour.

● Event Scenery
Basic CG number 117 (not including differential)

The line and the adultery with the heroine of the phase phase ground.
Or indulge your desire to commit adultery.

Mainly contains the above 2.
Does not contain heavy oral abuse, sleeping/being slept with elements.

Recall rooms exist in the tour.
All flashbacks will be released after the real game.

● This tour production total three free large updates!
[FIRST GOD OF THE DEEP OCEAN The God of the deep sea] completed
The second OLD KING OF THE CHESS on the ancient king] completed

The physical version will not enjoy the above update, solve.

This work is [BLACKSOULSII -愛しき貴方へ贈る不思議の国-(RJ237469)] and the content is repeated.


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