【Youth×フェティシズム】[Traditional Chinese Subtitle Version] Pure Love Pussy Takes Over [Original Audio]

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Title:[Traditional Chinese Subtitle Version] Pure Love Pussy Takes Over [Original Audio]
Release date:2021/04/25
Genre:癒し, おっぱい, obscenity, バイノーラル/ダミヘ, ASMR, Students, rabble/amaama, mid-exit

The first time I saw you, I was a little bit of a jerk. CV:逢阪成美

【繁體字字幕版】純愛小穴擔當【擬音】 [青春×フェティシズム]

B95/W59/H88 Hcup(H65)

The pussy of the play.
I think I am the one who is not liked by any of the boys.

I’m a little bit sullen and aloof
The body type that exists to make men desire.
The oo that makes more than a stir can be cured in both.

The name is a secret.

[Pussy takes charge] of the characteristics and persistence!!!

【繁體字字幕版】純愛小穴擔當【擬音】 [青春×フェティシズム]

The whole film is stereo & full surround sound!!!
The film is a realistic portrayal of the character with the same sense of presence as if it were right next to you!

Not only the dubbing sound, the effect is also carried out stereo sound.
The heroine’s lines and action effects sounded the same.
And also the actual use of items such as the self to achieve the sound effect reproduced according to the body position.

In the back position, the sound is performed with the back to back attitude.
In the riding position, the microphone position is adjusted to match the listening position!

Please also experience the real feeling as if you were really in the color♪

The color of the color

【繁體字字幕版】純愛小穴擔當【擬音】 [青春×フェティシズム]

□Track List/Finish Time


track01_Virgin Jun and Pussy Nissen Classmate(25:33)
→ 1st Finish[11:19] 2nd [23:13]

track02_Youth×Schoolhouse Top Love Love(21:37)

track03_summer with school swimsuit and class love love love(20:43)
→ 1st Finish[13:50] 2nd[14:59] 3rd[19:02]

track04_Pussy Nisei’s horny self house tutorial (23:38)
→1st Finish[11:32]2nd[20:45]

track05_Today is the last day(02:35)

track06_Pure Love×Love Couple Love Love(26:28)

Total duration(about 120 minutes)
*Finish Time is only the approximate time, please forgive me if there is any deviation.

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【繁體字字幕版】純愛小穴擔當【擬音】 [青春×フェティシズム]


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