【Studio Riflebo】With Coupon [KU100] Service Maid’s Thick Sex to Make Babies – Master, Do You Hate Maids with Strong Sexual Desire? ~You can find it at

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Title:With Coupon [KU100] Service Maid’s Thick Sex to Make Babies – Master, Do You Hate Maids with Strong Sexual Desire? ~You can find it at
Maker:Studio Riflebo
Release date:2021/04/17
Genre:Moe, healing, lewd, ContinuousClimax, Binaural/Damihe, LoveLoveLove/Amaaaa, Creampie, Blowjob

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クーポン有【KU100】ご奉仕メイドのあまあま子作り濃厚エッチ ~ご主人さま、性欲が強いメイドはお嫌いですか?~ [スタジオりふれぼ]

This is the sequel to our circle’s popular work, [Service Maid’s Sweet Child-Making Sex]! This is a sequel to our popular work [Service Maid’s Sweet Child-Making Sex]. It’s more intimate than the previous work, and the service experience is even sweeter and sexier.

This is a sequel to Studio Riflebo’s popular work [Service Maid’s Sweet Babies Making Sex – Master, I’ll Do Something Pleasant to Heal You].
The long awaited sequel to the
I’ll do my best to serve you, my beloved master, more and more!

A maid [Megumi Kiyose] who was assigned to you as a maid dispatch system of the state.
After spending many lovey-dovey days with her master, she’s come to love sex.

Her libido is also on the verge of exploding.

The maids usually serve only when the master requests it.
Megumi’s desire to be held by you, her master, is born.

Today, she goes to her room for another nightcap, but
I’m sure you’ll be able to understand what I mean.

What does Megumi, the service maid, do?
It’s a very naughty and extreme thing.

The voice of Yuzuki Tsubame’s sweet sister! I’ll make you fall in love with the service maid again.

Points of recommendation for sex

The maids will heal you when you are tired.

When you come home, you are suddenly greeted with a sweet kiss.
A throaty gurgle from a quick blowjob at the door

You’ll be counted down to ejaculation with a whispering ear licking hand job!

Standing back like a beast in the bathroom♪
The service maids are going to cum with your pistons while screaming repeatedly.

A service maid with a high sex drive masturbates while watching your sleeping face.
She can’t take it anymore and gives you a blowjob in your sleep.

An extreme cowgirl position that attacks a sleeping woman!

The service maids are crazy about your cock and shake their hips violently!

I’ll be licking your ears and whispering to you with gentle, sweet words.

Heroine introduction

クーポン有【KU100】ご奉仕メイドのあまあま子作り濃厚エッチ ~ご主人さま、性欲が強いメイドはお嫌いですか?~ [スタジオりふれぼ]

Name: Megumi Kiyose
19 years old. She is a maid assigned to you as part of the government’s maid dispatch program.

She has a polite and calm personality, but she is very aggressive when it comes to sex.

Her love for her master escalates as she spends her days making love to him.
I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why.

すっかりエッチも好きになり、Her libido is also on the verge of exploding.

You’re serving me.
I’m not even sure if I just want to feel good.
The more extreme you become, the less you know whether you are serving or just want to feel good.

The previous work, “Serving Maid’s Ama Ama Ama Kodomo Naki Etch ~Master, I’ll do something pleasant to heal you~

クーポン有【KU100】ご奉仕メイドのあまあま子作り濃厚エッチ ~ご主人さま、性欲が強いメイドはお嫌いですか?~ [スタジオりふれぼ]

More than 6,000 downloads in total!
The previous title is also on sale now.


Track Introduction

クーポン有【KU100】ご奉仕メイドのあまあま子作り濃厚エッチ ~ご主人さま、性欲が強いメイドはお嫌いですか?~ [スタジオりふれぼ]

There are about 104 minutes (1 hour and 44 minutes) of voices in this album.

Track 0: Title Call (0:15)
Track 1: A sweet serving maid as always(6:22)
Track 2 Service Maid’s Quick Blow Job and Ear Licking Hand Job(29:55)
Track 3 Service Maid Standing Back in the Bathroom(19:06)
Track 4: Service maids masturbate in bed and give blowjobs(21:26)
Track 5: Service maids attacked in their sleep from cowgirl position to ear licking normal position(19:32)
Track 6: The sweetest service maid ever(7:11)
Free talk with Yuzuki Tsubame-sama(3:12)


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声優:柚木つばめ様 ( https://twitter.com/yuzuki_tsubame )
イラスト:カノラユ様( https://twitter.com/kauy7478 )
Scenario: Ms. Nano Aiuchi
Production Circle: Studio Riflebo

Introduction of [Studio Reflebo
An up-and-coming audio production circle that started releasing in October 2020.
With the concept of Refresh-Revolution (healing revolution).
We are planning to release two to three works per month, and are working hard to produce them.
Thank you for your support.

Introduction of [Nano Aiuchi
Author of sensual light novels.
She has been publishing monthly on Petit Palla Bunko Creative since March 2012.
Very popular erotic novelist with more than 100 works!
She also writes scripts for doujin voices, and is popular for her content that is both erotic and sweet.


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