【Snow Falling in Summer】I fuck a sassy young lady student in the name of education.

[Ranking]24 Hours:#22, 7 Days:#44
Title:I fuck a sassy young lady student in the name of education.
Maker:Snow Falling in Summer
Release date:2021/04/17
Genre:Student, uniform, School/college, Nakadashi, Titties, Torture, Blackhair, Bigtits/bigtits


This is the first time I’ve been able to get a hold of one of these.
One day, the main character, a teacher, finds out about the pictures she posted on the back page and threatens her with the story.
She was made to do various things while swearing, not knowing that she was being pleasured with aphrodisiacs.

They gradually become addicted to the swamp of pleasure. And in the end.

Basic CG: 17 pages + standing pictures
Total of main story: 237 pages + no text

Image size: 3200x2400px
High quality and PNG, so there is little degradation.

The difference without text is just the text of the text with text removed.
The same illustration in succession is also left intact.


Illustration/scenario: KaeruNoAshi (@KaeruNoAshi)

Logo design: Matsuri Tomori. (@bonbori_kanade)


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