【Wheel of Fortune】Baseball Fist with the Red Devil’s Daughter

[Ranking]24 Hours:#17
Title:Baseball Fist with the Red Devil’s Daughter
Maker:Wheel of Fortune
Release date:2021/02/06
Genre:humiliation, exposure, shame/embarrassment, Forced/Forced, gangrape

I blew up a certain nobleman’s mansion with explosive magic, and instead of paying for it, I got a baseball fist.
A loli girl from the Red Devil tribe who had to appear at an event.

If you continue to lose, you will be exposed naked in public and even lose your chastity to a creepy guy—.

-A short game with a playtime of about 10 minutes.
-You can choose between black and white pants.
-The same format as the previous game, Baseball Fist Quest, but a bombastic daughter version of it.


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