【LunaticFox】Onnanoko” tutorial by a neat and clean sexy lady

[Ranking]24 Hours:#30
Title:Onnanoko" tutorial by a neat and clean sexy lady
Release date:2021/01/05
Genre:Femaleperspective, ContinuousClimax, ASMR, FirstTime, feminization, Sexchange(TS), Forced/forcible

■ Recommended people

Yuri-receptive works from a female perspective!

– TS – I like to be attacked from a female point of view!
– I like cool offensive girls!
– I like whisper voices!
– VRChat player!


A sister who is claimed to be spine-chillingly beautiful.
She invites me to play a VR social game for the first time, where I can experience the whole body.
You log in with your beautiful avatar and spawn on the bed in the bedroom where your sister is waiting for you.
You’re confused by the girl’s delicate and sensitive body, and she gives you a tutorial on “onnanoko".

CV: あず(<https://twitter.com/azuazu_VR >)
Original Scenario: [Hypnotic Feminization Continuous Climax] by Komodo Little Lizard

Introduction of the sister (CV: Azu)

A seemingly innocent and kind sister popular on SNS.
She is so beautiful that it is hard to approach her, but in reality, she is soft-spoken and friendly to everyone.

She’s not lying about her behavior, but her deepest love is teaching girls to be girls.
A girl who is deeply in love, even if a little snobby, will eventually be happy.

Film Format – How to Enjoy

This is a TS hypnosis-style audio drama, with many descriptions that evoke the sensations of a woman’s body, making it easy to get involved.
The climax production includes a countdown voice.
You can also add the hypnosis introduction and release audio to the front and back for your enjoyment.

The hypnotic introduction and release sounds are supposed to be from other hypnotic sound works or the following free ones.
『 へっぽこ術師の催眠音声』(<http://hypno.meganecco.net/ >)様の実用催眠(UsefulHypno.zip) 及び、 拡張パック1 性感強化(UsefulHypnoEx1.zip)

– Audio files (wav / mp3)
– High resolution illustrations (with/without logo)

Recorded tracks Total recording time 58:41

  • Meet up with a neat girl you met on SNS in VR!
  • Girls are sensitive and vulnerable to naughty stimuli.
  • I’m going to show you all the places that make girls feel good.
  • Girls love to be forced to come.
  • I’ll tell you all the places that make a girl feel good.
  • Girls love to have a dildo forced into them.
  • Girls are happy to be sworn in as slaves and used as toys.


CV: あず(<https://twitter.com/azuazu_VR >)
イラスト: 緒リンネ(<https://twitter.com/rinne_fox >)
ロゴ制作: なりんぬ(<https://twitter.com/narinnnu >)
音響:姫之宮ゆきえ(<https://twitter.com/HimerinYukirin >)
企画・台本編纂: あてぃか (<https://twitter.com/attica69795467 >)

Introduction of the original script writer
Original script: [Hypnotic feminization continuous climax].
著者:コモド小トカゲ@ガラパゴス孤島 (<https://twitter.com/komodoensis69 >)
・DL Site 音声作品 (<https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/circle/profile/=/maker_id/RG41526.html >)
・Twitter(<https://twitter.com/komodoensis69 >)
・Web(<https://seesaawiki.jp/komodoensis/ >)

-Sound: Yukie Himenomiya
Twitter: <https://twitter.com/HimerinYukirin >
Youtube: <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx90yV_pA7wvQfi_4N_R_Hg >


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