【Naka-Yoshi Honpo 】The Case of the Succubus Who Got Reincarnated

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#2, 30 Days:#7
Title:The Case of the Succubus Who Got Reincarnated

Maker:Naka-Yoshi Honpo

Release date:2021/02/06
Genre:femaleprotagonist\r\n, Maniac/pervert\r\n, changeofclothes\r\n, Prostitution/enjoyment\r\n, Pregnancy/impregnation\r\n, Shame/embarrassment\r\n, tickle\r\n, Gokkun/Shokuzer\r\n

I’m not sure what to make of it.


A reclusive girl, Sumire Sakiba, is suddenly summoned to another world.

As a succubus, no less!

In order to return to the original world, I heard that you have to gain a lot of sexual experience and become a great succubus…

But for her, who had never even been with a man before, it was all new to her!

Will Sumire be able to return to her world?

the characters (in a play or novel)

  • 転生したらサキュバスだった件 [ナカヨシホンポ]

    A girl is sent to another world by chance, and in addition becomes a succubus. In order to return to the original world, she has to do something naughty…

  • 転生したらサキュバスだった件 [ナカヨシホンポ]

    Melissa ★ The one who summoned Sumire to this world (Succubus), she likes Sumire and helps her with this and that. She loves to have sex!

A number of citations that are a little bit maniacal while running on the high road

  • 転生したらサキュバスだった件 [ナカヨシホンポ]

    Sumire is a maid to a wealthy man who lives in a large mansion. Sumire is gradually getting used to giving handjobs to the arrogant millionaire, while feeling repulsed by his attitude…

  • 転生したらサキュバスだった件 [ナカヨシホンポ]

    As Sumire relaxes in a farming village, she is attacked by a group of mischievous children! Her skirt is rolled up and she is made to look like a tea kettle sushi, and then she is tickled all over her body with her pants in full view…

  • 転生したらサキュバスだった件 [ナカヨシホンポ]

    In order to earn money somehow, she makes her debut as a dancer on a stage at night! In the beginning, Sumire was shy, but with all the tips flying around, she couldn’t help but do some extreme dancing…

  • 転生したらサキュバスだった件 [ナカヨシホンポ]

    Part-time job as a bunny girl at a casino! …But is it really a reverse bunny? When I was handing out drinks on the floor, I had my manhood close to my fully visible armpit…

A wide variety of standing pictures and mini-events depending on your equipment and succubus level!

転生したらサキュバスだった件 [ナカヨシホンポ]

10 types of equipment x 3 levels of succubus!

A total of 30 different standing pictures and standing erotica add color to the story.

I’m at the mercy of naughty happenings all over the city.

Enjoy the sight of violets.

As the process progresses, Sumire’s attitude, which has always been that of being fucked, will gradually change…?

You can play easily and get plenty of cum! Practicality-focused, stress-free exploration RPG!

No annoying battles! This is an RPG with 47 scenes and 34 erotic mini-events with standing pictures.

The game features an RPG-like dress-up element and a three-level “succubus level" system that makes the player more and more lewd as they gain experience.

There are 11 different types of equipment reflected in the standing pictures, and 10 of them are reflected in the mini-events according to the Succubus level.

In addition, the various panting voices used in the game are all newly shot! You can also enjoy the voice of the popular voice actress, Yuka Hyuga-Aoi.

She is cute and very naughty, and her slightly vulgar moaning voice will definitely make the game even more exciting!

A number of slightly maniacal citations

I accidentally got stuck in a hole in the wall, and a number of men…

I was drinking too much at a bar and was caught sleeping by some of the regulars…

A suspicious festival in the east! She’s wearing a loincloth and you can even see her asshole…

At night in the pasture, the horse was in heat…

The priest discovered that she was a succubus and took away all her freedom to purify her…

I was in the bathroom in the slum when a man suddenly came in and peed.


I’m not sure what to do. Points of interest that color the game

If you’re a fan of RPGs, you’ll love this one.

Even without combat, you can enjoy Sumire’s descent through a variety of well-developed parameters.

I paid attention to every detail!

There are a number of dirty titles that may (or may not) make your crotch flutter.

A reminiscence room is available for busy people!

Naturally, mini-events have already been registered. It is also possible to open up the entire game from the beginning.

Basic CG for 23 events

Basic number of standing erotic pictures: 3 sheets x 10 types

Basic number of standing pictures: 3 sheets x 11 types

Total number of CGs: 931

This is an RPG packed with volume and attention to detail!

Notes ◆

This work is made with RPG Tucool MV. Please make sure to check the operation with the trial version.

The saved data from the demo version cannot be transferred to the full version. Please be aware of this.

Please note that there is a possibility of bug fixes.

We strongly recommend that you register before purchasing the software so that you can re-download the corrected version.

Production: Nakayoshi Honpo

イラスト、ドット等 :永吉( https://twitter.com/eikichi0531 )
Text, game system, etc. :Motsu Nimadou


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