【Circle [Artemis].】Ear licking kotatsu sex – Childhood friend’s sisters will fight over you! ~ (Japanese only)

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Title:Ear licking kotatsu sex – Childhood friend’s sisters will fight over you! ~ (Japanese only)
Maker:Circle [Artemis].
Release date:2021/01/02
Genre:Childhoodfriend, sisters, Creampie, Fellatio, MultiplePlay/Orgy, EarLicking


You’ve come to visit her at her house.
Apparently, neither her parents nor her sister are there today.
As you warm yourself in the kotatsu, you realize that no one is home but you and
You start to think about doing something naughty in the kotatsu and suggest it to her.
She is embarrassed to admit that, with your training
It’s a good thing that you’re not the only one who likes to do it.

In the middle of the game, her sister, your childhood friend, comes back!


  • 耳舐めこたつエッチ~幼馴染姉妹に取り合われちゃう!?~ [サークル「アルテミス」]

    Mafuyu (younger sister) Your younger girlfriend. A bit of a natural. She was a pure girl when you first started dating her, but after your naughty education, she has grown up to be very naughty.

  • 耳舐めこたつエッチ~幼馴染姉妹に取り合われちゃう!?~ [サークル「アルテミス」]

    Fukayuki (older sister): Your coup d’etre childhood friend. She’s been in love with you since she was a little girl, but she can’t be honest with you and her sister has taken you.

Track List

Track01 Other ear licking hand job(13:02)

Today, I went on a home date with my girlfriend to keep her company.

He asks her to give him a hand job while he and his girlfriend, Mafuyu, warm themselves in the kotatsu.

When she asks you to give her a hand job, she knows you also like to lick her ears.
She will give you an ear licking hand job without being told.

Don`t ejaculate yet, big brother!

Midwinter: ear licking hand job

Track02: Fellatio (13:21)

I hear the front door open. I hear the front door open.

In the meantime, Midwinter hides in the kotatsu while you are in a panic.
And before you can hide, her sister, Fukayuki, comes out.
[Huh? Are you alone?] You’re alone?" she says, coming into the kotatsu.
Your penis is still erect and out in the kotatsu.
I was on the edge of my seat, wondering if I was going to get caught, when I felt a slippery sensation on my cock!

Midwinter: Fellatio

Track03 Exciting ear licking and kotatsu sex (18:57)

I ejaculated into Mafuyu’s mouth even though Deep Snow was right beside me.

When you’re breathing hard, Fukayuki worries about your condition.
When you tease her for not being like you, she says: ……

[Of course you’re worried. I’ve been in love with you for a long time.]
She confessed, “I heard you have weak ears, right? I heard from my sister." She even licked my ear!

I’ve been in love with her for a long time.

Mafuyu: kotatsu sex
Deep snow: ear licking

Track04: Sly flirtation sex & ear licking (17:00)

As expected, Deep Snow found out with Midwinter’s gasping voice.

Seeing my sister’s pussy dripping with semen, Fukayuki asks me to do the same.

I don’t know what he was thinking, but Mafuyu restrained your arm when you tried to refuse him.

Deep Snow gets on top of you and starts riding you.

In the meantime, Mafuyu is licking your ear.

Mafuyu: ear licking
Deep snow: cowgirl sex

Track05 Giggling, which one are you going out with? (02:02)

You have been inside in midwinter and deep snow.

This is the first time I’ve been able to do this. Which one do you want to go out with?]
I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that. …… What’s your future?

Total: 64 minutes, 22 seconds

-Normal version (with sound effects)
-No sound effects version (except track 5)
-No heartbeat version (tracks 2 and 3 only)

Sound effects used
『On-Jin』様 http://on-jin.com/
『小森平』様 http://taira-komori.jpn.org/
『VoiceBloom』様 http://voicebloom.seesaa.net/
Mr. [Tamemaru@Oreteki Honpo


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