【Arimie ASMR World】Arimie Best Ear Licking Collection 21

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Title:Arimie Best Ear Licking Collection 21
Maker:Arimie ASMR World
Release date:2021/01/05
Genre:healing, binaural/damihe, ASMR, EarLicking

This is the 21st edition!
I tried to make it a little bit easier to listen to like any other time.
This is a voiceless ear licking voice!
This is the first time I’ve done this.
It’s just a work that pursues healing!
The length is moderate. How about a good night’s sleep?

(1) Pitter-patter chuckling ear licking
17 minutes 40 seconds

(2) Ear licking
21min 01sec

(3) Ear licking with a lot of kissing
11 minutes 54 seconds

(4) Ear licking with tongue pressing
11 minutes, 20 seconds

(5) Licking both ears
7 minutes 52 seconds

Total: 1 hour, 09 minutes, 47 seconds
Format mp3


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