【Doodamaya】Ecstasy Curriculum – Complete Brainwashing Course for Transforming Heroines

[Ranking]24 Hours:#2, 7 Days:#9, 30 Days:#28
Title:Ecstasy Curriculum – Complete Brainwashing Course for Transforming Heroines
Release date:2021/02/06
Genre:TransformationHeroine, school/college, bukkake, Training, Lewd, MultiplePlay/Orgy, Hypnosis, Depravity


Ten years ago, a space-time tremor caused the world to be overrun with superhumans, psychics, and extraordinary technology. After a few years of confusion, the world map has become a conflict between countless forces of justice and countless forces of evil. Today, Japan has adopted the shape-shifting heroines and heroes as non-public, state-approved licenses, and is working to organize an organization to fight against evil organizations.
It’s been a few weeks since Nozomi went undercover as a student to investigate a certain school, but she couldn’t find any traces of the evil organization.
But Nozomi has already been hypnotized, and instead of finding nothing unusual, she has been altered so that she cannot recognize anything unusual. The morning inspection of her belongings led to a cock service for the boys. A shameful lesson with a rotor. In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Color cover 1p, prologue 1p, black and white manga 30p

The characters

  • 催淫カリキュラム -Transformation Heroine完全洗脳コース- [ドダメ屋さん]

    Privately held state-licensed
    Transformation Heroine

    Junshin Shinki Pure Cheer – Nozomi

    Having infiltrated the academy, she is now undergoing a compulsory aphrodisiac curriculum. She has been forced to undergo an aphrodisiac curriculum since she infiltrated the school.

  • 催淫カリキュラム -Transformation Heroine完全洗脳コース- [ドダメ屋さん]

    School teachers, students (committee chairmen, etc.)

    Hypnotically brainwashed.

    Normally adjusted to lead a normal school life and shipped to the organization as needed.

  • 催淫カリキュラム -Transformation Heroine完全洗脳コース- [ドダメ屋さん]

    Brainwashing monster.

    A member of an undiscovered evil organization.
    A member of an undiscovered evil organization. He was expected to be hiding out at a school since the investigators never returned. His abilities are unknown.

Transformation Heroine悪堕ち報告書シリーズ

悪堕ち報告書シリーズになりますが、共通するのは世界観のみで舞台、The charactersは新規になります。ですので、こちらの作品から読み始めても問題ありません。
If you are interested, please check out my other works. *Summaries 1 and 2 are also on sale.


Written and drawn by Hassen-sama
Scenario and original work: Mr. Erumu


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