【Kill Time Communication】Testicular Abuse Slave Saki [Single Story].

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Title:Testicular Abuse Slave Saki [Single Story].
Maker:Kill Time Communication
Release date:2021/02/06
Genre:TransformationHeroine, fantasy, Creampie, Lesbian/WomanonWoman, Humiliation, Torture, Rape, Bigtits/bigtits, Lingerie, BellyBuns, Lyona

A righteous shapeshifting heroine who fights against an evil organization – Saki.
She’s been experimented on by her late father with a [human body derangement drug].
She has a strong body, but at the cost of an aroused male organ.
However, using the power of the new madness drug
She is defeated by a vicious belly punch from the enemy’s female leader, Dr. Roux!

The testicles are crushed by the pile-driving testicle press.
She was also raped in the flesh by a small fish female.
Saki is punched in the balls and her pain is transformed into pleasure.
Her hell has only just begun as she climaxes and ejaculates from her testicle abuse–!

This is a work that is included in [2D Comic Magazine Futanari Micro Ryona Small Female Erection Destroyed and Humiliated Vol 1].


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