【Izumi Izumi】I like Mr. Tonomura now and then.

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Title:I like Mr. Tonomura now and then.
Maker:Izumi Izumi
Release date:2017/12/21
Genre:glasses, Sailorsuit, romanticcomedy, Loveable/Amaaaa, Heartwarming, Blackhair

I’ve loved Ms. Tonomura since I was in high school.
Ten years have passed, and now that she is my wife, I still feel the same way.

Remembering her and those days 10 years ago.
It’s a heartwarming heartfelt story where one by one the things that were on my mind come true.

This is a remake of an old film that has never been released, so we are offering it at a discounted price!

*The characters and settings in this film are fictional.
*This is an all-ages story with no naughty scenes.

Image size is 1133×1600
26 pages + cover + back cover = 28 pages


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