【Rainmaking Workshop】Wolf of Chamomile

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Title:Wolf of Chamomile
Maker:Rainmaking Workshop
Release date:2017/12/21
Genre:militaryuniforms, sciencefiction, train, Humiliation, Forced/Forced, Urination/Peeing

The time has advanced a bit, about 200 years into the future.
One day, in a land of extreme cold, an armored train bound for a frontline base is attacked by a savage minority.
The train is carrying a large number of soldiers and a princess who plays a very important role in the country.
Those who protect her, those who use her, and those who take her away.
In the midst of this running battlefield, where the thoughts of many are intricately mixed, a new story now begins.

An RPG that lets you experience such a fantasy-like scenario in a near-future world.



(1) Battles are turn-based battles with side-view.
Battles start with symbolic encounters, and each turn you will be able to see the special skills of the units and the characteristics of the characters.
(1) Combat is turn-based with side-view.

(2) Experience can be stocked
Seven units appear, and the player selects the remaining three, minus the main character, who has not yet joined the team.
You can stock up on experience for characters you haven’t yet added, or pour it into your favorite characters.
This is a great way to stock up on experience for characters you haven’t joined yet, or to pour it into your favorite characters.

(3) Real-time battlefield movement
In the battle, the strength of each other always fluctuates depending on the battlefield, and players can use their unit’s personality and skills to win the battle.
Players can use their units’ personalities and skills to maintain the upper hand in the battlefield to gain an advantage.

(4) No Losing Ivies
You can take the units you captured in the event and walk around with them as your friends, or you can take them to jail.
It is up to the player to decide whether to keep the captured units as friends or lock them up in jail.

(5) Granting techniques
Some skills that can be obtained through events can be given to the unit you want to use, if the character is
You can add them to your character’s pre-existing skills and traits to expand the range of your combat.


[Event Summary]

(1) In addition to events based on the story, units that you don’t take with you as companions will be put on standby or put in jail.
(1) In addition to story-based events, units that are not taken as companions will be put on standby or locked in jail.
It is up to the player to decide what to do with the locked up characters.

(2) An event that seems to have been inspired by wild beasts, which is related to the word [wolf], which is also a characteristic of the main characters this time.
(2) There are many events that are inspired by wild beasts.
For them, sex is first and foremost about procreation, and then it’s all about the strong.
You should see the suffering of the people who are forced to follow their rules.


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