【Amazake Hato Shoten】Ponytailed classmate -Haruichigo compilation

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Title:Ponytailed classmate -Haruichigo compilation
Maker:Amazake Hato Shoten
Release date:2017/12/17
Genre:Uniform, love-love/amama, Creampie, reconciliation

An aggressive ponytailed classmate, Saki, and her classmate, Shin0-kun.
The two of them are new to each other, but their minds are full of sex.

I get into heat easily, so I have sex in a lot of places.

Author: yoshu ohepe ohepe yoshu
Publishing Circle:Amazake Hato Shoten

Number of pages: 114
(123 pages including cover, back cover, etc.)

This is a compilation of 6 works from the [Haluichigo] series of doujinshi, digitized.

[Included works].
Haruchigo vol1(Published in April 2004)(RJ074959)
Haruchigo vol2 (Published March 2005)(RJ074962)
Haruchigo vol3 (Published August 2005)(RJ075975)
Haruchigo vol4 (Published December 2005)(RJ075976)
Haruchigo vol5 (Published August 2007)(RJ074965)
Haruchigo vol6 (Published December 2007)(RJ074966)

Cover illustration of each work (without title)

[Introduction of each work]
Haruchigo vol1]
When Shin0, who never gives me a good answer, is peeing in the school bathroom after school, Sa0ki comes into the boys’ room.
This is the first time I’ve seen this video.
He refuses at first, but is moved by her devotion.
She hugs him and they make love.

Also includes Nishi x Makoto

Haruchigo vol2]
Shin0 and Saki alone in Shin0’s room
He was so horny when he saw her frolicking on the bed.

I was too embarrassed to say anything, so I pulled her hand and forced her into bed.

I pulled him in and began to caress him gently. —–

Haruchigo vol3]
One day in midsummer, Shin0 clumsily brings Saki into a love hotel.
One day in the middle of summer, he clumsily takes her to a love hotel.

Haruchigo vol4]
When she and Makoto are carrying their belongings to the gym warehouse
I’m sure you’ve heard of it.
In frustration, she pushed him down in the warehouse…

Haruchigo vol5]
Saeki stays at Shin0’s house while her parents are out for a long time.
I’m going to have sex from morning till night.
It’s a self-defeating holiday full of H.

Haruchigo vol6]
On a cold night, we were sitting on a bench in the park and talking, when Maki sat on top of me to warm up and hugged me.

As they joked around, they got horny and embraced and kissed each other, and then they couldn’t stop themselves.

She immerses herself in intense sex without worrying about being seen.

This work has some duplication of contents with [SOAPBOX (RJ176203)].


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