【Jabaraifu / Tyrol Oyama】Japanese and Western Lolita Baba sweetly played with and whispered – Stereophonic sound of two Lolita Babas stealing each other

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#2, 30 Days:#15
Title:Japanese and Western Lolita Baba sweetly played with and whispered – Stereophonic sound of two Lolita Babas stealing each other
Maker:Jabaraifu / Tyrol Oyama
Release date:2017/12/17
Genre:Healing, Lolita, Foreigngirl/monstergirl, Earwigs, Creampie, malepenetration

To the sweetly teasing Japanese loli hag and the nasty, moist Western loli hag.

This is a stereophonic work in which a sweetly teasing Japanese loli hag and a nasty Western loli hag get mixed up.

This work is a stereophonic work with binaural recording.
We recommend you to use headphones or earphones. We recommend using headphones or earphones.

We recommend using headphones or earphones. For more information

–Character ————————————-

Loli hag CV:Yuzuko Konoe

Japanese Lolita Baba.
She is fond of [you].
I keep him by my side as the assistant manager of the store I run.

He deliberately uses obscene language to tease [you] and enjoys it.

○Nastarothia CV:Oyama Tyrol

A western loli hag. A vampire from the north.
She has the idea that cute = dominant.
Now that I’ve taken a liking to you, I’m going to squeeze you thoroughly, and make you give in to me.

If you like someone, you try to make him or her yours.
What’s the connection with the Japanese loli hag?

–tracklist: ———————————–

The first night

01-Whispering Surrounded by Japanese and Western Lolita Babas (30:35)

[double ear licking/whispering/restraint/non-penetration masturbation].

When [you] wake up suddenly, you are sandwiched between two girls.
I was on a Ferris wheel at an amusement park.
A loli hag and a girl who calls herself Nastarotia, a vampire.
The two of them played with my ears a lot.
You will be squeezed for semen in a glass gondola….

Night 2: Playing store with a loli hag

02-Travel Invitation(05:52)

To the loli hag who seemed to be in some kind of good mood.

This is the first time I’ve ever been taken on a trip to Hokkaido, just the two of us.

03-Waking Up Naughty (11:53)

[ear licking/whispering]

You have fallen asleep on the bus to your hotel.
A loli hag plays a prank on your ears because there are no other passengers.

04-Full Course of Whimsical Ear Scratching (24:33)

[hand towel/ear scraper/lotion cotton swab]

A loli hag’s plan for [playing store with just the two of them].
First up is a full course menu of ear scratching.

05-Ear Licking Lotion Massage (23:34)

[full body lube massage/ear licking/ear playing/squash job].

A full body lotion massage.
It’s a great way to get a good night’s sleep.
I get rubbed with a lotion-slick scrubby ass.

06-mealtime (8:50)

A loli hag and the winter delights of Hokkaido.

07-Night Fair(21:47)

[oil-thickening blowjob/close horsemanship].

It’s time for a nasty service before you go to sleep.

Night 3: A night in the basement with Nastarotia

08-An Invitation to the Basement(06:46)

[whispering/ear licking]

You wake up at night, clinging to the fog.
The girl’s voice and breath lead you down to the basement.

09-Sensory Doubling Masturbator (22:54)

[penetration masturbation / sensation sharing with masturbator].

To the vampire Nastarotia, who was waiting for me in the basement.
I was able to connect the senses of my penis and masturbation hole.
You will be blamed while also being given the pleasure of the female genitals.

10-Surrender Recommendation Butt Job + Urethra Torture (19:52)

[butt job/urinal torture with deformed wings].

To Nastarotia, who has taken a liking to you.
He whispered to me to give in and blamed me for being impatient.

11 – Close Blood Sucking Sex (24:42)

[close sex/vampire]

Close whispering sex with an invitation into the coffin.
This is a great way to get to know a woman better.

Night 4: The battle for you between two loli hags.

12-Two Lolita Babas(5:27)

A loli-baba comes to Nastarotia’s room looking for you.

13-Both Ear Licking Nipple Playing(12:47)

[double ear licking/whispering/nipple teasing]

I’m going to ask you to choose which feels better.
I’ll be licking both ears and playing with each nipple.

14-Changing Banquo Sex (26:04)

[alternating face-to-face sitting position/ear licking/wanking/no ejaculation whispering]

While having sex with one of them, the other whispered to me, “Don’t let it out.

Total time 4 hours, 5 minutes

–Staff ———————————–

Loli hag: Yuzuko Konoe
Nastarotia:Mr. Tyrol Oyama

Illustration: Mr. Petit Cocco

Production: Jabaraifu


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