【Tsukuru Nomori】[Weak Radio] ASMR [A young lady who is addicted to perverted play, until her reward sex turns her into a lewd meat masturbator].

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Title:[Weak Radio] ASMR [A young lady who is addicted to perverted play, until her reward sex turns her into a lewd meat masturbator].
Maker:Tsukuru Nomori
Release date:2021/04/25
Genre:ASMR, uniform, HandJob, Creampie, Masturbation, Fellatio, Earlicking

I’ve been told [I can’t imagine her like that] [definitely not true] many times.
I’ve made audio data of perverted and dirty high school girl Shiho Miyamae’s lewd acts with her teacher.
The whispering and moaning in her lustrous ear energizes the muses of many men in the world.

Please enjoy her shameful appearance.

Original work and illustration: Weak Radio
CAST: Yurika Chitose
Publisher-Distributor:Tsukurunomori Co.
Running time: approx. 92 min.


Shiho Miyamae has become a perverted and dirty high school girl through perverted play.
She and her perverted teacher spend a night at his house, starting with an intense kiss.
I’ve had ear licking that I didn’t teach, and clothed sex in a school swimsuit with my private parts cut out.

You can’t imagine the things she does at school.
In the end, the perverted teacher restrains her and develops her innocent asshole while she is defenseless.

Personality profile(Shiho Miyamae)

Shiho Miyamae is an honors student at an advanced school. She has excellent grades and is well educated. She is a beautiful, innocent girl who is trusted by many students because of her personality.
She is a perverted and dirty high school girl with a fleshy and somewhat sensual face.


From the script to the recording, the creator of the perverted and dirty high school girl, Mr. [weak radio wave], supervises!
You can have a more realistic experience of being a dirty girl!
In addition, the voice recording is done with the engineer’s original adjustment equipment!
Please enjoy the best ASMR that you can’t experience with ready-made products!

Chapter 1
Shiho Miyamae visits the teacher’s room.
Her aggressive and lusty voice stimulates your ears as you anticipate perverted play.

Chapter 2
A sexually aroused Shiho touches the teacher’s meat stick and her own private parts are also caressed by the teacher.
The ear licking that no one is supposed to be teaching is just superb, please enjoy!

Chapter 3
This is the scene I’ve been dreaming about. Shiho is cleaning the teacher’s dick diligently, hoping for a reward.
It’s so erotic that you might wonder, “Is this really a high school student? It’s full of erotic scenes that will make you wonder if you’re really in high school!

Chapter 4
This is the first round of dirty perverted play in a school swimsuit with all the parts that should be hidden cut out.
The way Shiho is trying to serve you while in a state of disarray will surely make your cock very satisfied!

Chapter 5
This is an insertion scene with Shiho and her teacher wearing the school uniforms of the school they attend.
It’s definitely worth listening to the charming voice of Shiho, who has completely fallen into a flesh masturbator, and the way she gradually loses her composure as her sexual zones are tortured.

Chapter 6
Shiho’s hands and feet are restrained even though she is in a state of abandonment on the bed.
Shiho Miyamae, a perverted and dirty high school girl, flinches when she is told that she will be trained with a very thick vibrator in her asshole.

The word “stop" does not exist in the dictionary of perverted teachers. The last training of Shiho is about to begin.


  • In the teacher’s room
  • Foreplay and ear licking hand job
  • Serving you with a blowjob
  • Riding in a school swimsuit
  • Normal position in school uniform
  • Restrained two-hole training


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