【Earl Grey / Rie Okamoto】Mizuhashi Pulsey’s SSR (Super Snuggle Realism)

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Title:Mizuhashi Pulsey’s SSR (Super Snuggle Realism)
Maker:Earl Grey / Rie Okamoto
Release date:2017/12/22

Mizuhashi Pulsey’s SSR (super snuggle realism)
(SSR Series 03)
CV Rie Okamoto

It’s okay if you get closer and snuggle up to me.

Super snuggle realism is finally here for Mizuhashi Pulsey (EG)!
A binaural recording of a voice full of realism, sweet and sad.
The sweet, sad, and lovely voice will surely make you fall in love with her.
You who want to be drowned in the jealousy of love, please listen!
The vocal song [ Possessive about you ] that Pulsey(EG) sings sadly is also wonderful!

Track List
01 [Kumoi no goose mo watashii ya](Voice)
02 Possessive about you(Vocal)
03 [Waiting for someone](Voice)
04 Possessive about you(Off Vocal)


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Voice / ASMRnan

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