【Earl Grey / Noriko Shimoya】Satori Komeiji’s SSR (Super Snuggle Realism)

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Title:Satori Komeiji’s SSR (Super Snuggle Realism)
Maker:Earl Grey / Noriko Shimoya
Release date:2017/12/22

SSR of Satori Komyoji (super snuggle realism)
(SSR Series 02)
CV Noriko Shimoya

[I like it because it feels really good].

Super snuggle realism by Satori Komyoji (EG)!
In addition to the binaural recording that gives you a realistic feeling of the voice, you can also enjoy
This time Satori (EG) seems to be very aggressive!
To all the Satori(EG)-ers out there, this is a super! It’s a must listen!
Please listen to the vocal song [Everlasting Vision] which will make you feel stylish!

Track List
01 [Omote no Kotoba](Voice)
02 Everlasting Vision(Vocal)
03 [honto no kokoro](Voice)
04 Everlasting Vision(Off Vocal)


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Voice / ASMRnan

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