【A Voice】Please give me an order!

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Title:Please give me an order!
Maker:A Voice
Release date:2017/12/09
Genre:Love/Love/Amaaaa, softsex, Creampie, Fellatio, HurryUp, rape

[order me to do something, please].
Total play time – 62 minutes
Voice Actor – Koine


[Looks plain, but actually—]

The quiet, shy, and introverted girlfriend of [you].
She doesn’t talk to many people except [you], and she seems very happy when you’re alone with her.

She’s such a cute girl, but she seems to have a [tease] aura about her.

She listens to me even when I ask her to do something that might be a little too much.

My face turned red, but she did it too, so it escalated…


[each file description]

1-Pranking in the Library(13min)
2-Full of Kisses and (14min)
3-I can’t stand her (17min)
4-Today, Too Much (16min)

Play time – 62 minutes
File format-mp3
Extra files – various image data (JPEG-PNG), script text, work summary text


Production Staff

Illustration by Masama
Voice Actor – Koine
Scenario – Akamaru
Production-A Voice


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