【Re:Volte/Aiko Yanagi】Toho Irimyosho 16: Sequential☆Resistances

[Ranking]24 Hours:#28
Title:Toho Irimyosho 16: Sequential☆Resistances
Maker:Re:Volte/Aiko Yanagi
Release date:2017/12/09
Genre:Healing, HypnosisVoice, Mother, China, Hypnosis, Blonde

[Love. Just affection, that’s all there is here…]
A mother’s grief over the loss of her child. A mother’s grief over the loss of her child. A bedtime story of bitterness. This is a slightly sad sleep-in voice.
This work is also fully high-resolution compatible! (24bit 1764kHz/FLAC & Apple Lossless)

= Staff =
Performance by Jun Fox: Aiko Yanagi
Concept/Plan/Screenplay/Director: Mizunashi Ibuki
Arrangement/Piano/Sound: Ravy
Illustration: Jinn @ Flypaper

= TrackList =
[main story]
01 Notes
02 Title Call
03 Meeting a Pure Fox in the Depths of Hell
04 Introduction to Hypnosis
05 Purification Hypnosis
06 Affection Hypnosis

07 Stardust Memoria (stardust)
08 Touhou Irimyosho, bonus: Let’s Sleep Sweetly with Pure Fox Mama

【Bonus Track】
09 Sorrow Sea (Original: The sea where the stars of my hometown are reflected)
10 Purify Ritual(Original song:Pure Hurries)
11 Driven Knights [Next Episode Version](Original:Pure Hurries)


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