【Sweet and Spicy Guinekocracy / Sawano Popura】Succubus Queen’s Spoiled Brave Corruption

[Ranking]24 Hours:#6, 7 Days:#21, 30 Days:#68
Title:Succubus Queen’s Spoiled Brave Corruption
Maker:Sweet and Spicy Guinekocracy / Sawano Popura
Release date:2017/12/08
Genre:Formaleusers, virgin

The twelfth installment of the circle’s sweet and spicy gynecocracy audio work is a lovey-dovey pampering of a fallen hero by a succubus queen.

This is a work for those who want to be pampered and loved by a bewitching older sister, who want to feel frustrated at losing a sex game, who like baby words, who want to ejaculate with the joy and pity of being loved.


The main character (you) has been invaded by the demon tribe (succubus) and sets out on a journey to defeat the demon king (succubus queen) as a brave boy by order of the king. After a long journey, he rides into the Demon King’s castle, but is defeated and captured by the Demon King Erza without a second thought.
According to Erza, the purpose of the invasion of the demon race is not to dominate humans, but to defeat the evil king who is oppressing them and create a country where demons and humans can coexist. In order to do this, she wants the hero, who has powerful magical powers, to become her ally and lover.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing.

You’re about to be pleasured and tortured by me, the succubus queen. You’re going to be subjected to a lot of naughty and pleasurable things that you can’t experience with humans. I don’t know how much more you can take as a virgin…

track1 Prologue

You woke up in a room of the Demon King’s castle. You wake up in a room in the Demon King’s castle, where Elsa tells you the purpose of the demon tribe and persuades you to become an ally.

Track2 Day 1 Part 1 – Hand Job Ejaculation Endurance Game

You are offered a game where you will be released if you can hold back your ejaculation with a hand job. Elsa tries to make you ejaculate with her love words and kisses.

“Come on, brave boy, you can pee your pants now. “Come on, hero, you can pee now. Throw away your brave pride and surrender to the pleasure. You can never win against pleasure.

track3 Day 1 Part 2 – Normal Position Endurance Game

You’ve lost the hand job ejaculation endurance contest. You’ve lost in the hand job ejaculation endurance game, but Elsa offers you a chance for revenge: the first one to reach normal position loses.

If you become my lover, I’ll let you cum all you want every day. You can fuck me from morning till night, and make me squirt, squirt, squirt in your pussy. You can kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss. I will accept your semen in my womb as many times as you want until you are satisfied.]

Track 4 Day 2 Part 1 – Breastfeeding Hand Job

You’ve been losing the normal position endurance contest all night. In order to cheer you up, Elsa offers to be your mother.

You look really happy, brave boy. You must have really wanted to be spoiled by your mommy. Mommy’s breasts are so good, aren’t they? I’m so happy sucking on them~. You can be even happier~

Track 5 Day 2 Part 2 – Spoiled baby talk cowgirl position

Erza proposes sex to you, but as a brave hero, you refuse. Elsa tempts you to have sex with her under the guise of “just pretending to be corrupted.

[You are a useless hero if you are happy to have the demon king become your mom. But it’s okay to be useless~. You are a weak, pathetic, masochistic hero, and your mother loves you! Mama loves weak boys who are mothers.] [

Track 6 – Day 7 – Complete Falling Fertilization Cowgirl Position

In just seven days, you’ve become a prisoner of Elsa’s pampering. The story is based on a true story of a young girl who is in love with a brave man.

You are a prisoner in this castle. You’re trapped in this castle and you’re going to be raped by succubus until you die. Every day, from morning till night, you will be miserably squeezed out of your cum. You’ll be covered in helplessness and masochistic pleasure, and you’ll be peeing your pants, peeing your pants, peeing your pants].

track7 Epilogue – Bad End(?)

With your help, the demon tribe has been ruling the kingdom for six months now. You will be squeezed by Elsa tonight as she mocks you for your foolishness of being deceived – or so you think …….

A version without sound effects is also included.

Total recording time (about 75 minutes)

CV:沢野ぽぷら( http://poplartree.blog.fc2.com/ )
イラスト:YU-TA( http://yuta-airbox.com/ )

Script:Kouta Akizuki


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