【KOGADO】Symphonic Rain

[Ranking]7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#6, Annual:#28
Title:Symphonic Rain
Release date:2017/12/08
Genre:Impressive, depression, childhoodfriend, Twins, Uniform, School/college, Fantasy, purelove

Note: There is a duplication of content with (VJ011520)[Symphonic Rain (English Version)].

Revived as HD EDITION with Shiro’s re-supervision!

A fusion of a character game and a music game that has been well received.
This is the third installment of Kuroneko-san’s popular [music action game] series.

The setting is the city of Piova, where the rain keeps falling.
The story is set in a city with a quiet atmosphere and constant rain.
It invites the player into a fragile and somehow strangely nostalgic world.


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